ALERT! The Wrong Day of the Week Will Now Cost You 47% More on Your Disney World Hotel

Did you know that by booking that weekend rate for your next Disney World hotel, you’re spending way more money than you have to for the same stay through the week?

Polynesian Lobby

If you’re really trying to maximize the value of what you’re spending on your hotel stay, already factoring in the best times of the year to travel, and have weighed the pros and cons of your hotel choice while staying budget-conscious, a new study is about to challenge your “weekend getaway” plans.

According to a new report by Hopper, the days of the week you’re choosing to stay overnight in hotels while on vacation could drastically affect the prices you’ll be paying for those stays.

Polynesian Lobby

According to the research team at Hopper, those who are booking weekend stays at hotels In Orlando are likely to spend (or have already spent if you’ve paid in advance) 47% MORE than those who are choosier with their vacation dates.

Grand Floridian Resort

For flexible travelers booking hotel stays, opting to skip the weekend stays in favor of a few nights through the week can result in HUGE savings off pricey hotel rates. According to the trends projected in Hopper’s research, travelers who would be checking in on a Friday or Saturday and staying through Sunday will be looking at paying a 20% – 23% premium over the cheapest day of the week to check-in (according to the chart below, that was found to be projected as Monday or Thursday).


Additionally, weekend premiums for these hotel stays can be even higher among popular vacation destinations in the U.S. and internationally. If you’re headed to any of these top destinations like Disney World, planning your stay to start mid-week could help you save big on these nightly rates. Orlando was found to be one of the 5 highest cities with these weekend premium charges — right alongside cities like Miami, Las Vegas, New York City, and Chicago.


Choosing to switch up when you opt to start and finish your vacation dates could save you almost half of what it would have cost you for the same stay just by being a bit pickier with the dates of your vacation.

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One Reply to “ALERT! The Wrong Day of the Week Will Now Cost You 47% More on Your Disney World Hotel”

  1. Years ago, before computing and software allowed Disney to charge separate rates for different days, I would check in on a Thursday, check out on the following Monday, and receive the same rate throughout*. With weekday rates being cheaper than weekend rates, this was a good deal for me. Then it changed. Rates were charged one amount for week days and another, higher rate, for weekends. This has been true for sometime.
    *explained to me by cast member