4 “Rules” You Should Break at Disney World Hotels

Let’s face it, rules are made to be broken.

Swan & Dolphin

Keep in mind we’re not talking about health, safety, and general protocol rules. Rules have a purpose and we always advise you to follow them. However, Disney World has several unspoken rules, as does life. And as with life’s unspoken rules, we think some Disney World unspoken hotel rules are meant to be broken.

From how you spend your days to how you spend your money, there are A TON of different ways you can shape your Disney World trip. When it comes to Disney World hotels, people have a lot to say and have formed some unspoken rules. While these rules are valid, we believe four, specifically, are meant to be broken.

1.   Don’t Be Picky — You’re Only There to Sleep

Updated Grand Floridian Room

This can be true at several vacation destinations like Las Vegas or Disney World. It is also very likely that most of your time spent at Disney World will be at the parks or at Disney Springs. With that in mind, it makes sense not to stress too much over where you stay when you’re not out and about — right?

Family Suite at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

We’re here to tell you to break this rule. Be picky. For example, location matters as it will dictate what kind of transportation you use. Room size matters depending on your family’s size. You may need special suites or maybe you’re overpaying for a room size you don’t need. Certain amenities and dining options also vary from hotel to hotel and should be taken into consideration. Sure, you will likely spend most of your time outside of your hotel, but you’ll also spend enough time AND MONEY at the hotel to justify being picky with your lodging preferences.

2. Get Up Early and Get to the Parks for Rope Drop

Crowds on Main Street at rope drop

You’ve made your way to Central Florida, spending a lot of time, effort, and money to do so. It only makes sense you want to get to the parks at rope drop and maximize your time at Disney World. But is this a good idea?

A pool day wouldn’t be too shabby!

While rope-dropping here and there is probably a good idea, we recommend breaking the rope-drop rule every once in a while. Not only can a long Disney World trip be taxing, but it can break your body down. It is a good idea to incorporate a rest day or two. Sleep in, spend the day at the pool, relax at a hotel restaurant, or just take it easy and go to the parks later in the day. Remember, this is a vacation and Disney World hotels are supposed to provide you with leisure, so take advantage of that!

3. Don’t Pony Up for Your Hotel

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort

We get it — split between park tickets for everyone in your party, food costs, and travel expenses, Disney World is already expensive before you even pay for a hotel. If you can save money on lodging and choose to do so, absolutely everyone should understand.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

HOWEVER, you can break this rule sparingly and at your discretion. If there is a dream deluxe resort you’ve been dying to stay at, and if you can work around your budget, we say go for it at least once! You deserve to treat yourself every once in a while, right?! Save up for it, find deals, and do what you can to make it work so you can check your dream Disney World hotel off your bucket list.

4. Don’t Waste Time at Other Hotels

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Between visiting the Disney Parks and Disney Springs while exploring everything your own hotel has to offer, you likely won’t be left with a ton of time to do much of anything else. So it makes sense if one of your rules is to not check out the other Disney World hotels you aren’t staying at.

The Skyliner

Still, we will always recommend breaking this rule. Each Disney World resort has unique offerings and you could miss out on some extra special Disney restaurants, events, and exhibits. Transportation like the Disney Syliner, monorail, and water taxis can make it easy to get to hotels (depending on where you are), making it possible to factor in different Disney World hotels into your itinerary. Another bonus of visiting the different hotels is allowing yourself to get an idea of where you might like to stay on your next Disney World trip!

Pop Century pool

Disney World hotels can really enhance your experience while at the Disney World Resort, so we hope you break these rules from time to time. As always, stay tuned here at AllEars for all the latest Disney World updates as well as all kinds of Disney World news, tips, and reviews!

The ONE Rule Everyone Breaks at Disney World Hotels

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Which of these “rules” do you like to break? Let us know below!

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