NEWS: Disney Brings Back Cash Dividend After Three Year Suspension

Have you been following along with the Walt Disney Company’s financial reports and earnings?


We generally report on the financial reports each quarter, which tell us how the Disney company is doing financially. However, for those who are Disney shareholders, we’ve got some news for you: Disney has brought back the cash dividend.

So basically a cash dividend is a payment made by a company from its earnings to its shareholders in the form of cash. The amount each shareholder gets is based on how many shares they own. The Walt Disney Company recently announced “a cash dividend of $0.30 per share in respect of the second half of fiscal year 2023, payable January 10, 2024 to shareholders of record at the close of business on December 11, 2023.”

That means that Disney shareholders who are shareholders on December 11th, 2023, will receive $0.30 per share in cash on January 10th.

Cinderella Castle

This is the first time Disney has brought these payments back since 2020, when the company suspended dividends. At the time, the dividend was $0.88 per share.

“This has been a year of important progress for The Walt Disney Company, defined by a strategic restructuring and a renewed focus on long-term growth,” said Disney Chairman of the Board Mark Parker. “As Disney moves forward with its key strategic objectives, we are pleased to declare a dividend for our shareholders while we continue to invest in the company’s future and prioritize meaningful value creation.”


Before the payments were suspended in 2020, the dividends were declared semi-annually — these new payments will be for the second half of fiscal year 2023.

According to a report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  on November 30th: “The Corporation [Disney] shall be entitled to recognize the exclusive right of a person registered on its books as the owner of shares to receive dividends, and to vote as such owner, and to hold liable for calls and assessments a person registered on its books as the owner of shares, and shall not be bound to recognize any equitable or other claim to or interest in such share or shares on the part of any other person, whether or not it shall have express or other notice thereof, except as otherwise provided by law.”

We’ll be covering more Disney news, so stay tuned to DFB for more.

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