The Weirdest Disney World Myths Everyone Believes

Over the years, we’ve heard some pretty outlandish Disney World myths.

Magic Kingdom

From people believing that Walt Disney’s frozen head is buried underneath Cinderella Castle to visitors constantly asking about Disney World’s nonexistent “weather dome,” we feel like we’ve heard it all. But still, there are some myths that persist. And today we’re debunking some of the really common ones!

You Have to Order the Whole Meal

One thing that might surprise you is that Disney World restaurants are typically more flexible than they get credit for. Chefs are happy to work with patrons who have food allergies and dietary needs, and it’s not usually as difficult to modify your meals as you’d think. One way you can do this is that you can order the entree WITHOUT the sides at quick service spots.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

How does that work? For example, some people on our team aren’t the biggest fans of the homemade potato chips that some Disney World restaurants serve on the side. So if you don’t like them, why order them? In those situations, what we’ll do is wait in the standby line at the restaurant (instead of Mobile Ordering) and request the entree without the side. Usually, it knocks a few dollars off the price.

You Have to Follow the Marketing Language

Sometimes, when Disney World announces new special offers and promotions, they’ll say something like “save on a 4-day, 4-night stay” and it’ll make visitors think that they’re required to book that many days. Often, this isn’t true!

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

When you look at the fine print details of these offers, it’ll tell you the minimum number of nights required to book, and those numbers don’t always line up with what’s in the headline. So don’t skip out on the deal just because you’re staying 2 nights — check the full details first!

You Have to Stay at a Disney Hotel to Get Onsite Perks

There are certain perks that come with staying at a Disney World hotel, including Early Theme Park Entry, the chance to book all your dining reservations at once, and early booking for Individual Lightning Lanes. But you may not know that you don’t have to stay in a Disney-owned hotel to get these perks!

Drury Plaza Hotel

Several onsite hotels that are NOT Disney-owned also offer some of these incentives. And if you stay at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin (owned by Mariott), you can actually qualify for Extended Evening Hours as well, which is an offer exclusive to those booked at Deluxe Resorts. You’ll just want to check and see which perks are offered with your hotel when you book — many of the hotels in the Disney Springs area qualify for Disney Resort privileges.

Outdoor Disney Rides Close When it Rains

You may have noticed that outdoor Disney World rides often close when there’s a storm in the area. Many people think this is due to the rain, but it’s actually not! It all has to due with lightning in the vicinity.

Expedition Everest

So if the weather is mild and there’s just a light drizzle, you might still be able to do some of your favorite attractions. We’ve ridden many outdoor rides in the rain over the years, so it’s not unheard of! It’s only during a thunderstorm that you might start having to rearrange your plans.

You Have to Go to a Restaurant to Get Free Water

We talk a lot about how you can get free ice water from Disney World restaurants, and quick service spots in particular. But you don’t necessarily have to set foot inside a restaurant to enjoy the benefits of hydration.

Free water

You can actually get a cup of ice water at any snack stand that has a drink machine — if they serve Coca-Cola products in cups instead of pre-bottled, you should be able to get some water for free! The same goes for Starbucks and Joffrey’s locations around the property.

Joffrey’s Coffee

So there you go — some of the most common myths about Disney World, debunked! We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop with more tips and planning advice for your upcoming vacations, so stay tuned.

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Which Disney World myth surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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