4 Big Disney World Problems with NEW Solutions

We go to Disney World nearly every day, so we have a good idea of what kind of issues you might run into there.

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Although we WISH things could be perfect for everyone in Disney World, that’s unfortunately not possible, but Disney has looked at some things and is making changes to make the customer experience better. So let’s look at the big problems with Disney World that will have new solutions.

Disney Dining Plan

After Disney World reopened in 2020, the Disney Dining Plan was put on pause indefinitely. Although Disney promised it would return, we didn’t get word of WHEN until this year, when Disney announced it would be available in 2024. So that’s one problem solved: the dining plan will soon be back.

Chef Mickey’s spread

Previously, though, you had to purchase a Disney World ticket package to add on the dining plan, so if you were planning a staycation just to spend a night or two at a Disney World hotel, you couldn’t buy it. Well, now you can purchase it as long as you have a reservation with a Disney World hotel — no park tickets required.


Currently, when you purchase Genie+, you can only actually use it to book Lightning Lanes on the day you plan on using them. This is a huge difference from the old FastPass+ system that allowed guests to pre-book a certain number of rides ahead of their trip.

You’ll soon be able to pre-book Lightning Lanes before your trip.

Well, Disney recently shared a message with travel agents about changing that. The company is working on ways to not only simplify the service but also allow guests to pre-book Lightning Lanes before their trip. So if you have some must-rides and don’t want to stress out about getting those Lightning Lanes on the day, you will be able to book those ahead of time and plan your day around that.

Dining Reservations

Getting an advance dining reservation for many Disney World restaurants can already be difficult. What was particularly frustrating in the past is that when you searched for reservations, you had to request a specific time or specify if you were looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Getting into Space 220 just got a little easier.

Well, that’s already changed to make life a LOT easier. When you search for dining reservations for a Disney World restaurant now, you get ALL the times that the restaurant still has available. This is especially handy if you don’t care as much about WHEN you get into a restaurant as just getting into that restaurant.

Park Pass Reservations

We have an overwhelming number of comments on our social media posts about park pass reservations because most guests seem to want them to go away. Not only do you have to purchase a ticket for the parks, but now you also have to make a reservation for each park you plan on visiting. This takes some spontaneity out of your trip and means that sometimes you can’t change your mind on the fly during your trip.

MagicBand Scanner

Well, in 2024, that may no longer be the case. If you purchase date-based Disney World tickets, you will no longer need to make park pass reservations as of January 9th, 2024.  However, if your ticket or pass is not tied to a date, you will still need to make park pass reservations — this will apply to Annual Passholders and Cast Members, among others. However, Disney is offering those groups certain days when reservations aren’t needed.

So if you’ve perceived any of these issues as problems in Disney World, they have either already been solved or will be solved soon. It does seem like Disney is paying attention to feedback about these things, and we’ll let you know if any other changes get announced. So check back with AllEars again soon.

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Are you looking forward to these changes in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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One Reply to “4 Big Disney World Problems with NEW Solutions”

  1. Well making it possible to choose your one ride on Genie+ well in advance of your trip is a start, but people are trying to plan their DAY in whatever park they are going to, not the first couple of hours and then having to start again. Fast Pass let you select 3 rides in advance, with restrictions: only 1 of the really popular rides and you couldn’t make further selections until you had ridden the first ride. They could do the same thing now. With the capability of computers, there is no reason people shouldn’t be able to plan their days well in advance, with some restrictions, and not have to spend their day looking at their phone. Isn’t part of a Disney vacation supposed to be putting all that aside for awhile, relaxing, and having fun? I said all along, take our money, but don’t take our fun away too.