A Disney Souvenir With CONTROVERSIAL Rules Can Be Yours at Target

Remember when we wrote an article a while back about a controversial card game?


Yes, that controversial card game was Uno! That’s because nobody officially plays it “correctly”! But now they’ve gone and collaborated with a possible controversial brand (depends on who you are) and things are not quite how we’re used to it.

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That’s right, Uno x Star Wars is now a thing and the cards for one of the two new card sets is anything but normal. We thought we knew the rules of Uno, but then we found this new Grogu Uno set! It’s all WILD cards!


If you’ve played Uno All Wild, this version is the same as that but with special Wild Action cards specific to the Grogu version. Every card is a wild card with a Mandalorian theme.


But one thing stays the same, when you get down to one card you better yell Uno!

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The second Uno x Star Wars set isn’t quite so challenging. This is the normal Uno that we all know, love, and play wrong but with Star Wars theming.


This set features classic Star Wars characters like Han Solo, Chewie, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and others.


So whether you want to play a traditional game of Uno by your family rules or the official rules, these cards would be perfect for any Star Wars lover.

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We love a competitive game of Uno and having these fun-themed Star Wars cards makes it even better!

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