5 Shoes You’ll REGRET Wearing to Disney World

Listen, you’ll be doing a LOT of walking in Disney World.


There are so many parks to visit, attractions to ride, characters to meet, and everything in between, so some guests end up walking nearly 10 miles every day in the parks. That means you’ll want to have the best shoes possible for your trip, but what about the shoes to AVOID?

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We asked our team about the shoes they REGRET wearing to Disney World, and we have their responses here for you today. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got some GREAT recommendations to wear instead!


High up on the list is Converse! While we love the classic style of Converse, the lack of cushioning is not ideal for a full park day.


Converse shoes are known for going with almost everything outfit-wise, but it’s not worth it to walk around the parks all day with no cushioning for the bottom of your feet. Trust us, you’ll be feeling it SOON and will be in pain for the rest of your trip.

Hey Dude Shoes

Now listen, we know that Hey Dude shoes are pretty popular, but you do NOT want to wear them in the rain.


We’ve noticed that the tread of these shoes wears off really quickly in the rain, so you’ll soon be slipping and sliding all over the place, which isn’t safe.

Flats and/or Heels

Some of you may be reading this and going, “Why would I wear flats or heels to Disney,” but we’ve seen it (and some of us have done it and learned our lesson).

@kjr7993 on Dapper Day

Whether you’re dressing up for a Dapper Day or attending one of Disney’s after-hours events where you can dress up, trust us when we say wearing heels or flats with no cushioning is NOT WORTH IT! We know it’ll make your outfit cuter, but having comfortable feet is more worth it.

The Unspoken Rules About Shoes in Disney World

Super Absorbent Sneakers

Sneakers are usually a great option, but there’s one instance where super absorbent sneakers aren’t a great idea.

Rainy days in Hollywood Studios

If you see rain on the forecast, either bring some extra socks to change into once your shoes dry or be ready to get under cover when the rain comes. Soggy wet shoes and socks do NOT feel great.

Doc Marten Sandals

One of our team members also said that Doc Marten Sandals are not a great option for the parks.


She said her reasoning is for the lack of comfort that these unfortunately provide. While they’re super stylish, they’re not a great selection for the parks.

There are also some other shoes we wouldn’t recommend in certain situations:

  • Birkenstocks, Crocs, Sandals, or Flip-Flops in the rain — you’ll slide EVERYWHERE

  • NEVER wear New Shoes! Even if it’s from a brand you’ve worn before, the actual shoes themselves need to be broken in before you head to the parks

So what shoes should you wear instead? We’ve got a few recommendations, starting with Running Shoes like the Hoka Bondi 8 shoes available on Amazon.


It provides the perfect amount of cushioning for your long days in the parks!

Buy the Hoka Bondi 8 shoes here!

If you’re someone who dislikes covered shoes and wants to allow your feet to breathe with sandals, we recommend Tevas.


Now, these shoes have less cushion on them, which some people enjoy, and while they may get slippery in the rain, your feet are well secured, and they’ll dry very quickly.

Check out some Tevas here!

And while Crocs aren’t great in the rain when keeping your balance, they are a favorite of many for park days.


They’re lightweight, they dry quickly, and they keep your feet secure. It’s a win for many people!

Check out some Crocs online right here!

And those are some of the WORST shoe options, followed by some favorites to make up for it! As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest and greatest Disney news.

These are ALL the best shoes we recommend for your next Disney trip!

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What shoes do you regret wearing to Disney? Tell us in the comments!

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6 Replies to “5 Shoes You’ll REGRET Wearing to Disney World”

  1. Converse are my go to for the parks! I know they’re uncomfortable for most people, but most other shoes will rub my heels or hurt the top of my foot, and Converse never do that. (I’m not a young person either.) I’m definitely in the minority, my husband can’t wear them for more than a couple of hours.

  2. YES TEVAS! I just wore mine on a very full long day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and they did not let me down! I’m used to the medium amount of cushioning and had already worn “feet imprints” into them IYKYK and then it rained and while others were slipping on the hilly pavement in crocs I pushed a preschooler in her Graco stroller (with rain cover protecting her and a new stuffed animal peacock) with Confidence! Will use the same shoes for a week in Orlando this January. Win! TEVAS!

  3. I wish I would’ve read this before going. I went and purchased some Skechers Comfort walking shoes. Unbeknownst to me that we would be putting in 26,000 to 30,000 steps a day. They were brand new straight out if the box. Big mistake…Only downfall to our AWESOME vacation. Looking forward to going back asap.

  4. Go with a comfortable pair of Skechers. Lightweight, well built and some come with built in arch support (if not you can buy some inexpensive inserts to give you the right amt of arch support. They dry fast and make your long marches through the parks feel like walking on air.

  5. I have high arches, so I have to wear very supportive shoes to DW. I don’t wear sandals because the straps can start causing blisters later in a long day. Many regular walking shoe styles are good, although I sometimes need to add an arch support insert. I can’t wear tie shoes because of my high arches.

    I’m old enough that I am willing to wear unstylish shoes to feel comfortable. I spent an early trip to DW with my feet pretty much encased in moleskin and duct tape to cover the blisters that I developed after wearing the wrong shoes. Wrapping my feet in duct tape was about as embarrassing as it can get, but it got me through the days.

    Wear socks even in hot weather. Your feet need the cushioning and the wicking of sweat away from the feet. It is worth investing in quality walking/hiking socks for the trip. Half socks work with most shoes. Carry an extra pair in bad weather, so that you can have dry feet after a rainstorm. Throw in a plastic bag for the wet socks.