Why Our Whole Team Is a Little Weird About Their Water Bottles in Disney World

One of the TOP tips we ALWAYS give when it comes to Disney World is also one of the most important: stay hydrated.

Mickey water bottles

This is especially true in the summer when that Florida heat and humidity is no joke. This is why we ALWAYS take advantage of the FREE water available in Disney World, but it’s also why we also always carry a water bottle — and let’s just say that the AllEars team is very passionate about which water bottle they carry.

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Emma carries around a Loki Corkcicle because she embraces the chaos of the god of Mischief. But she loves this water bottle because it’s not clunky and it keeps water ice cold for a long time.

Emma with her Loki Corkcicle

There’s also a straw, which is a must for water bottles because it means she ends up drinking more water.


Sage counts on the Alta series by THERMOS because he’s super picky about nozzles. He needs a water bottle that allows him to drink as much from it without making that weird suction noise because that noise makes it harder to drink and can disturb other folks around you.

Sage staying hydrated with a THERMOS

The whole top of this one is removable, so it’s easy to get that free cup of water from Disney and pour it in there. Plus it has a sturdy handle, so when it’s looped through a strap on a bag, he doesn’t have to worry that it will fall off because it can carry a LOT of water.


Breedlove is just going to get that free cup of water and let that do the work of keeping hydrated. The good news is that you can pretty much get a free cup of water at MANY Disney World counter service restaurants plus you don’t have to lug a heavy water bottle around if you just depend on that.

Breedlove with FREE Disney water

So, basically, free Disney water for the win.


Aryiel carries one of two bottles. The first is a Yeti — she likes it because it stays cold even after a day of sitting in a hot car even if you don’t put ice in it. The lid is also easy to get off and on.

Aryiel’s Yeti

She also likes the Hydro Flask, but it’s a little harder to clean because the opening is so small. However, she likes that it feels less bulky than the Yeti and it’s very durable — as you can see by the dent in it from where it was dropped.

Aryiel Hydro Flask

So, yes, our team is very particular about the water bottles they carry all day long. But here’s the thing: you need to be extra aware of making sure you stay hydrated, so definitely take advantage of that free water like Breedlove does and/or carry a water bottle around to  make sure you have access to water when you’re walking around the parks.

Now, you can buy bottled water at Disney World, but let’s just say, you’ll be paying a HUGE mark-up for that privilege. So stay hydrated and save money by bringing your own.

We’ll keep you updated on ALL things Disney, so be sure to check back with AllEars again soon.

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What’s your go-to water strategy for staying hydrated in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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