2 Celebrities Just Discussed a Disney Movie Spinoff We NEED to See!

Disney’s new live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid just recently hit theaters, and it seems like everyone is talking about the movie!

AMC in Disney Springs promoting the live-action “Little Mermaid”

Disney has celebrated this new release with new snacks, a new meet-and-greet in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a new popcorn bucket, and more. But could there be ANOTHER live-action film inspired by this one?

Disney’s new The Little Mermaid movie has been making headlines a lot lately; between Halle Bailey’s bright and bubbly portrayal of Ariel and Prince Eric’s new song, fans have been buzzing with excitement.

We even met Ariel in Disney World!

In this new live-action film, Melissa McCarthy plays Ursula, the rival sibling of King Triton, played by Javier Bardem. According to The Hollywood Reporter, McCarthy was nervous about working with the legend, but once her anxiety dissipated, she “made a point to enjoy every second that she shared with Bardem.” McCarthy even described him as being “a walking warm hug.”


The film was also a welcome change for Bardem, who wanted to make something his two young kids could enjoy. The film also helped him “prepare him for the inevitable day when he has to let his children leave the nest.” Bardem said that he relates to Triton’s “fear and the insecurity that one feels as a father in order to understand and accept the fact that your kids are going to fly free sooner or later” as a father himself.


After talking with both actors about their respective characters, Bardem revealed that the actors only had one day on set together, but that he needs “an Ursula spinoff, and since our characters are siblings, I want to have one scene with her while having dinner.” To which McCarthy replied, “Let’s go for six or seven if we’re throwing it out there. C’mon!”

Is it too soon for a sequel? We don’t think so!

Of course, there’s no guarantee this could lead to anything, but it sounds like these two actors would love more time together on-screen in their roles. We’ll be sure to keep you updated here on AllEars, so stay tuned for all the latest Disney news!

We would do almost ANYTHING to be a part of this Disney Princess group chat!

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