The Most Controversial Part of EPCOT is Being REMOVED

We just got some HUGE news out of Disney World.


Disney shared that Happily Ever After will be returning to Magic Kingdom on April 3rd, with EPCOT Forever returning that same night to EPCOT as the park prepares for a NEW show later this year. With the news that EPCOT Forever will be coming back to EPCOT, there was one major question about what that means for the future of World Showcase Lagoon…

Along with the start of Harmonious in EPCOT, the park introduced a MAJOR change to World Showcase Lagoon — the barges.

Harmonious Barges

If you’ve visited EPCOT in the past couple of years, these barges are impossible to miss. You’ll find them displayed on the water throughout the day, playing a huge role in EPCOT for Harmonious.

Harmonious Barges on World Showcase Lagoon

These massive additions to EPCOT have been met with a lot of feedback from Disney fans, making them quite a controversial topic in the parks. However, Disney has confirmed that the fireworks barges will be removed along with the end of Harmonious. 

Harmonious Barge During the Daytime

The barges will be removed in phases following the final performance of Harmonious on April 2nd.

Harmonious 50th Design

We’ll continue to keep you updated with the latest news, so stay tuned to AllEars for more!

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6 Replies to “The Most Controversial Part of EPCOT is Being REMOVED”

  1. I never liked that the barges were out all day. Illuminations barges came and went and I prefer it that way or no barges at all