CEO Bob Iger Shares Heartwarming Message on Walt Disney’s Birthday

There are all kinds of special holidays that Disney celebrates!

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From major park anniversaries to the 100th Anniversary of the company, we’ve had many reasons to celebrate in recent years. But today is a SUPER special holiday — one you might not have even known was coming!

Today is Walt Disney’s birthday! The company’s founder would’ve been 121 years old today, and on Twitter, he was wished a very happy birthday by none other than the current CEO, Bob Iger.

If it weren’t for Walt and his vision, we wouldn’t have any of the Disney magic and fun that exists today. So here’s to the man behind the mouse — we’ll forever be grateful for all that he accomplished during his life!

Walt and Lillian Disney — with their friend Mickey in hand — pose for a photo during an ocean cruise. [The Walt Disney Company]
Whether you’re heading to Disney World, watching a classic Disney movie, or just thinking back on fond Disney memories, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Walt Disney’s birthday today.

Stay tuned to AllEars for more updates on special Disney-themed holidays and all the tips for your upcoming vacation.

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How do you celebrate Walt Disney’s birthday? Tell us in the comments!

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3 Replies to “CEO Bob Iger Shares Heartwarming Message on Walt Disney’s Birthday”

  1. This man’s vision and actions helped raise and mold my 3- sons into the sharing, caring adults they are. We were fortunate enough to raise our 3- on WDW vacations from the early 90’s until they became adults. The excitement, entertainment, beauty, attention to details, messages, and character that WDW displayed at that time made it so easy to spend the dollars required to visit WDW for over 40 family trips from middle TN during their childhoods. These vacations were some of the best bonding and family fun times we had. Absolutely spoiled them to the Disney magic and I can only hope that with new leadership, the original magic will return again. I never failed to recall on every single visit, Walt’s vision for what he wanted in a park. We always tried to help live that vision on our visits. Happy Birthday Walt, your surviving family should be very proud of you.

  2. I wonder if Iger meant it about my Cousin Walt. His actions will tell the truth if he goes against Walt’s & Roy’s way of doing things then we will know!