How to Buy Tickets for Universal Orlando’s NEW Escape Rooms

Planning a trip to Universal Orlando? We’ve got a must-do to add to your list!

Universal Orlando

You’re probably already interested in exploring the Wizarding World, riding the big rides, and experiencing the special seasonal offerings…but there’s one new thing coming soon to CityWalk that you’ll want to check out!

Opening on December 9th at CityWalk is Universal’s Great Movie Escape, a new escape room experience inspired by some hit movies. And now, tickets are on sale!

Universal CityWalk

The two new escape rooms are themed to the Jurassic World and Back to the Future film franchises. According to Universal, their entertainment team has “partnered closely with filmmakers and escape room industry experts around the country to create innovative experiences that go beyond the typical escape room.”

DeLorean in Universal Orlando

The challenges are uniquely crafted so that they can be enjoyed by escape room novices or experts. Universal says that each adventure has eight different environments that are:

  • randomized – so the solution can vary with each visit
  • customizable depending on party size – ensuring everyone gets to participate
  • designed to adjust based on skill level and complexity – so there’s always something to solve

Here are the descriptions of the two different adventures;

Jurassic World: Escape
Guests are new geneticists at a secret lab on Isla Nublar, where they are undergoing training that includes the completion of various day-to-day tasks that range from feeding ferocious dinosaurs to splicing dinosaur DNA to create new genetic codes…until they learn an apex predator has broken free and now they must work together to avoid becoming its prey.

Back to the Future: OUTATIME
Guests are transported to a museum in 1993, where they learn Back to the Future’s antagonist, Biff, is up to his antics and has stolen Doc Brown’s newest time travel device to sabotage the space-time continuum. Guests must work together to uncover Doc Brown’s clues as they travel through time to track down Biff and save the past and future before they run “outatime.”


Tickets start at $49.99 per person, plus tax. You can book for up to six guests in a group, and your experience may include multiple parties. Pricing will vary depending on the date and time of your visit. If you’d like, you could also book a private escape adventure for up to eight guests starting at $300 per group, plus tax. Tickets can be purchased on the Universal Orlando website.


We’ll keep you updated with all the details when the escape room officially opens, so stay tuned to AllEars! We’ve been to Universal Orlando countless times, so if you’re interested in getting the best advice for your upcoming trip, we’ve got you covered.

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