The SECRET to Less Stressful Packing for Disney World

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Why is no one talking about the most stressful part of planning a Disney World trip???

How do you like to dress in Disney World?

What do you WEAR??? There are many different ways to dress in Disney World, whether you prefer to keep it comfy, stylish, themed, or whatever! As you start planning your trip, make a note of what time of year you’ll be visiting, what style you’d like to wear, what you’ll be doing during your trip, and get to work on your packing plans!

We’re here with a few different clothing styles straight from the AllEars Style Guide just to make your packing plans a bit easier! And don’t forget that in addition to your outfit, you also want to think about accessories — shoes, Minnie Ears, bags, whatever you need for function and style!

Dress Like a Character

Adults can’t wear a costume to Disney World (with a few exceptions) but you can still dress like a character — as long as you get creative. Using a character’s colors, characteristics, and accessories (or whatever you need to convey your character) is known as DisneyBounding, like with this Ariel outfit.

This outfit focuses on Ariel’s core colors of purple and green with a purple tank top and green scale leggings, plus seashell earrings and a Sebastian backpack.

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You can also dress just like Minnie with only a few pieces, such as a polka dot skirt, yellow Converse, Minnie Ears, a Minnie backpack, and more.

You might have some of these items (like the black tank) in your closet already, but if you need to order anything you may want to start ordering well before your trip!

Shop for the Minnie outfit here!

Dress for Comfort

You may also be the person who thinks, “It’s 90 degrees in Florida. I just want to be comfy.” We see you! If you’re visiting this fall (when it’s still pretty hot), stay cool and cozy with this Pumpkin Vibes Outfit.

Dress for fall!

Throw on some fall BaubleBar Earrings, bike shorts, a Pumpkin Vibes T-shirt, and running shoes and you’re good to go!

Shop the Pumpkin Vibes Outfit here!

You can also combine a character outfit with comfort, like with this Peter Pan Outfit. You’re still able to stay cool and comfy, but with a character twist.

Peter Pan Outfit

A simple pair of black bike shorts, a green Tinker Bell cropped tee, Minnie Ears, sneakers, and a Peter Pan crossbody bag complete the look!

Shop the comfy Peter Pan Outfit here!

Dress For Style

Despite the Florida heat, some people love to dress for style in Disney World. This Wendy Darling Outfit is a stylish way to look just like Wendy from Peter Pan!

Wendy Darling Outfit

This outfit includes a floaty blue dress, a charm necklace, a bow, a pair of black ballet flats, and a Peter Pan crossbody bag.

Get the Wendy Darling Outfit here!

Dress For Dinner

And if you’re going for a fancy dinner at Topolino’s Terrace or Victoria & Albert’s, you can still dress with a character twist. This Dumbo Dress Outfit features a stylish gray dress paired with a red cardigan.

Dumbo Outfit

Just the dress and cardigan may not scream Dumbo to you but when you add in a feather necklace, red and yellow earrings, and a sweet Dumbo purse, you’ve got a cute outfit perfect for your Disney date night.

Order the Dumbo Outfit here!

So if you’re planning a Disney World trip and you want to coordinate some themed outfits, it’s time to get started! Get your outfits planned and ready — and remember to make plenty of room to fit all your Minnie Ears!

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What outfits do you like to wear in Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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