ONE Thing Universal Does Better Than Disney

It’s time for the battle: Universal vs. Disney!

Universal Studios Orlando

There’s so much to consider — theming, attractions, shows, food, atmosphere…the list goes on and on. What will you choose? Well, we asked you to do just that — choose. Here’s what you said!

We asked our readers on Facebook, “Which has better attractions: Disney or Universal?” Here’s what you said:


Disney was the winner of this battle, by far. But what single detail won over the hearts of our readers? THEMING. Aside from that, one reader said, “Disney of course…no contest here.”

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Another comment said, “We just did Universal and it felt very light compared to Disney.” But, in Universal’s defense, another reader said that Universal does a great job with Harry Potter World and thrill rides, “but Disney is overall better.”

The Best Part of Harry Potter World


While most of our readers shared that Disney was their favorite, Universal got some votes too! The main takeaway was that many believe Universal does thrill rides better than Disney does.


One reader shared that they love Disney, but “you can’t beat VelociCoaster and Hagrid’s Motorbike.” Another comment said, “Universal most definitely! More intense rides than Disney.”

Universal Coaster Throwdown: Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure vs. VelociCoaster

There you have it! It seems like Disney wins the battle this time, however, many readers think Universal has better thrill rides. To join the next discussion, follow our Facebook page!

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It gets sunny in Disney World for sure!

And, as always, stay tuned to AllEars for the latest Disney and Universal news.

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