We’re Sorting ‘Stranger Things’ Characters into Hogwarts Houses

If you’ve been paying attention to pop culture at all, we’re sure you’re aware that Stranger Things is a big deal right now!


And, if you’re new around here, know that we like to sort things into Hogwarts houses. We’ve sorted Marvel characters, Disney characters, and even Harry Styles outfits, and now it’s time to sort the Stranger Things characters! Oh, and warning, there will obviously be spoilers ahead!

First of all, let’s just start off with a good majority of these characters are VERY brave. They’re fighting monsters from a different dimension, for crying out loud — that takes a lot of bravery! But, we’re going to try and also look at some of their other traits so we don’t have a full list of Gryffindors here. But, some of them are just too brave to put anywhere else — let’s get into it!

Eleven — Gryffindor

Okay, we know we just said that whole thing about not putting everyone in Gryffindor but come ON! Elle is maybe one of the bravest characters on the show, and she shares a lot of parallels with the OG Gryffindor we know and love, Harry Potter. She’s experienced and survived severe trauma and was still able to form meaningful relationships with her friends and family (AKA Hopper and Joyce).

Stranger Things ©Netflix

It takes a LOT of bravery to stand up to the Demogorgon, the Shadow Monster,  the Mindflayer (and Billy, yikes), and then Vecna. Not to mention she is strong enough to put herself through being around Papa again in order to regain her powers to help her friends.


But, as with Harry Potter, there is a fine line between Gryffindor and Slytherin here. When Elle gets mad, you do NOT want to be on her bad side. She’s incredibly ambitious, and she’s very loyal, but at the end of the day, we think her bravery trumps all.

Max Mayfield — Gryffindor

Okay, we PROMISE we won’t sort everyone into Gryffindor, but Max is for sure a Gryffindor, friends. She willingly goes up against Vecna and was the only one we had seen be able to run away from him. Reaching out and ripping at Vecna’s throat takes a lot of guts, because who wouldn’t be scared to touch that guy?!


Max is also super bold, she is unapologetically herself and loves having a good time. She stands up for what’s right and isn’t afraid to stand up to her mean brother, either. She’s also a big rule breaker, which is a very big Gryffindor trait. Plus, could you really picture a redhead in another house?! She’d fit in perfectly with the Weasleys.

Mike Wheeler — Slytherin

Mike is a Slytherin. But, like we said before, Slytherin and Gryffindor have very similar traits. He is super brave, but he’s also really ambitious. The kid is literally making plans to fight inter-dimensional monsters when he’s like 12.


Mike is also really determined. He’s the one that thinks of driving all the way to Susie to get her help with figuring out where Elle is. What makes him more Slytherin than Gryffindor is that Mike doesn’t really take his friends into consideration when he’s making a plan, he pretty much steamrolls the operation and it can end up hurting those around him (cough cough WILL!).

Dustin Henderson — Ravenclaw

Ah, Dusty Bun! He’s such a clever kid. Dustin literally goes to science camp during the summer and spends his time making inventions (well, and getting a girlfriend!). Not that the others aren’t smart, but Dustin has all kinds of knowledge just at the ready.


He also relishes in being knowledgable. Dustin will NOT let it go when the compass starts acting wonky when they’re looking for Eddie in the woods. He also never gives up an opportunity to show off his knowledge, especially in front of Steve. In fact, Dustin also never misses the chance to make fun of Steve’s lack of intelligence in the areas Dustin knows a lot about!

Lucas Sinclair — Gryffindor

We’ve got another Gryffindor! Now, don’t get us wrong, Lucas sure does have a LOT of Hufflepuff qualities. But, he’s way too bold for us not to put him in Gryffindor. Lucas is NOT afraid to speak his mind no matter what.


Lucas is incredibly loyal, but not to a fault. When he doesn’t agree with what his friends are doing, he bails, which is what separates him from being a Hufflepuff. But, his bravery wins out and he’s not afraid to walk into battle to fight with his friends.

Will Byers — Hufflepuff

Poor Will Byers and his awful haircuts. Seriously, can he have some better hair in Season 5, Duffer Brothers?! Anyway, Will is a Hufflepuff because he is so ridiculously loyal to his friends. He literally hasn’t played Dungeons and Dragons since he left Hawkins because he didn’t want to betray the party!


Will is also an awesome friend, he’s there for the others even when he’s going through very scary things. He also proves himself to be like a brother to Elle. We also don’t know if a Gryffindor would’ve survived as long as he did in the Upside Down. Because you KNOW Gryffindors would’ve thought they could fight off the Demogorgon on their own, and Will’s hiding abilities probably saved him in the end.

Jim Hopper — Gryffindor

Is there really anywhere else we could’ve put Hopper? NO. Sorry if you think differently, but Jim Hopper is one of the most Gryffindor characters on this show. Does he follow rules? Nope. Does he think things through before he does them? Nope. Does he show fear at almost any moment in the show? Nope.


Hopper is SO brave and bold and rash and impulsive, he’s textbook Gryffindor. He walked BACK into a prison filled with monsters just to maybe help save Hawkins. Hopper is one of the main heroes in the story and that just screams Gryffindor energy.

Joyce Byers — Gryffindor

Speaking of walking back into a prison filled with monsters, Joyce is also a Gryffindor (we told you that there’s a lot of them!). Joyce is also one of the bravest characters in Stranger Things. She goes on a mission to the Soviet Union to save Hopper who might not even be alive!


She’s also fiercely determined to find Will or figure out what’s wrong with him because she knows in her gut that she’s right about something being wrong. She’s also one of the first people to willingly walk into the Upside Down — that takes a lot of bravery.

Murray Bauman — Slytherin

Murray! Murray is a Slytherin. He’s so ambitious, he speaks Russian, he will go to seemingly dangerous lengths to do his job, and he’s a black belt in karate. We could totally see a Gryffindor saying they’re a black belt and not being able to back it up in the moment, but oh boy, does Murray back it up!

©Screen Rant

He is really brave, but he’s WAY more cautious than the others. Murray attempts to make them think through their daring plans as to what the consequences might be. He’s also very sassy and cunning.

Nancy Wheeler — Ravenclaw

Nancy is a Ravenclaw! Before you yell at us that she’s a Gryffindor, let us explain. Nancy is one of the only ones who isn’t acting irrationally all the time. She’s the only one with a plan, and a good, well though out plan at that. She’s incredibly intelligent.


Also, a Gryffindor would never care that much about being late to their newspaper internship, that’s pure Ravenclaw! Investigative journalism? Ravenclaw. Witty sense of humor? Ravenclaw. She has the bravery of a Gryffindor to fight, but the smarts of the Ravenclaw to fight well.

Steve Harrington — Gryffindor

Oh look! Another Gryffindor. Steve is a Gryffindor because uh, well, have you seen the show? Steve does NOT think things through, people. He also starts out as a way too full of himself jock. Steve is bold and brave, even if the bravery is not always the best thing for him.


For example, Steve is brave enough to get into fights with a bunch of people who beat him in fights! Steve also sees himself as a hero, which is more Gryffindor than anything. Steve is not a humble guy, but he’s definitely one you’d want by your side in places like the Upside Down.

Jonathan Byers — Slytherin

Jonathan is a tough one, as we could really see him fitting in all of the houses in different ways. But, we’re going with Slytherin here. Jonathan is super determined and he’s pretty cunning. He’s also very moody and brooding, which keeps him out of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.


But, Jonathan is super loyal, which we do see in Slytherins from time to time. He’s also never afraid to break the rules to do what he wants, which is more Slytherin than Ravenclaw. However, it’s hard to place him still, especially after season 4, because his character kind of…stopped developing.

Robin Buckley — Ravenclaw

Robin the Ravenclaw! Robin is smart, she figures out how to translate a secret Russian code in less than a day. She’s also witty and a quick thinker. Robin was the reason her and Nancy were able to visit Victor Creel thanks to her quick thinking.


But, Robin is also quirky in the way Ravenclaws can be. She does have some Hufflepuff and Gryffindor traits though, like acting irrationally and being very loyal to her close friends like Steve.

Eddie Munson — Hufflepuff

Eddie may look tough on the outside, but on the inside he’s a big ol’ softy! His friends mean the world to him as you can see by the time and effort he puts into Hellfire Club. And by all the love he shows to Dustin, right up until the end.


But, we won’t deny that Eddie did show some pretty incredible bravery at the very end of season 4. But, his sacrifice was made FOR his friends, which is so totally Hufflepuff. We love ya, Eddie.

Erica Sinclair — Slytherin

Erica is SO Slytherin! This kid is very ambitious, trying to benefit from any and all situations she can. Free ice cream FOR LIFE! She’s cunning, smart, and sassy.


Erica is also very determined, and she’s helpful. Not a lot of kids could go on missions like she does in the series and be helpful instead of getting in the way. Erica’s attitude just feels so Slytherin to us.

Argyle — Hufflepuff

Come on, do we even have to say it? Argyle belongs in Hufflepuff — puff is even in the name of the house. It’s totally where he belongs. It also doesn’t help that he wears yellow almost the entire time and works in a pizza shop (you know those Hufflepuffs love to snack).


But beyond that, Argyle actually is very loyal. He might be freaking out while it’s happening, but he goes along with Jonathan on this wild adventure that takes him miles and miles away from home. Only a true friend does that!

Vecna / One / Henry Creel — Slytherin

All Slytherins aren’t evil, but Vecna definitely is. He has this self righteousness about him that is mimicking Voldemort a lot, and they both don’t have noses! But seriously, Vecna is very ambitious — he’s literally trying to take over the world. That’s a Slytherin for ya!

©Screen Rant

Even when we see him as One, he’s cunning enough to get Eleven on his side (briefly) and as Henry, he’s cunning enough not to be suspected by most people. Also, the actor who plays Vecna, Jamie Campbell Bower, was literally young Grindelwald in the Harry Potter movies, so it’s meant to be!

So, do you agree with our sorting?! We’re sure you have thoughts, so pop them in the comments below, we’d love to hear your perspective on these characters. Stay tuned to All Ears for more sorting ceremonies like this one!

Don’t Ask Us Why, But We’re Sorting Harry Styles Outfits into Hogwarts Houses

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2 Replies to “We’re Sorting ‘Stranger Things’ Characters into Hogwarts Houses”

  1. I really stand by my original sorting of Eleven into Hufflepuff. Her loyalty outweighs any bravery. Like a badger, she’ll go crazy on anyone who threatens those she loves, but she craves a calm and peaceful life. Plus, Eleven love good snacks! She’s also not very impulsive like most Gryffindors. Driven by loyalty? Definitely Hufflepuff.