How Stan Lee Will Return to Marvel Studios

We’ve seen SO many superheroes join the Marvel world over the past few decades, from Spider-Man to Scarlet Witch to Black Panther.


The Marvel world is continuing to expand, and we owe a lot of this world to one of its iconic creators — Stan Lee. Stan Lee sadly passed away in 2018, but his legacy lives on, and we might actually see him return to the Marvel world soon.

The late Stan Lee will be returning to Marvel Studios in a unique new deal, according to Variety. The co-creator of Spider-man, the Avengers, and the Hulk died in 2018, but Stan Lee Universe just signed a 20-year deal with Marvel.

Stan Lee at the Dr. Strange Premiere

Stan Lee Universe is a venture between Genius Brands International and POW! Entertainment. The deal with Marvel is to license the name and likeness of Lee for use in future feature films and TV productions, as well as Disney theme parks, various “experiences,” and merchandizing.


“It really ensures that Stan, through digital technology and archival footage and other forms, will live in the most important venue, the Marvel movies, and Disney theme parks,” said the chairman and CEO of Genius Brands, Andy Heyward, according to Variety.

Plaque Dedicating Avengers Campus to Stan Lee

Stan Lee was the writer and editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics in the 1960s and helped create the superheroes that we now know and love. Lee has made several cameos in Marvel films, like Fox’s X-Men, Sony’s Spider-Man movies, and, of course, the long list of films that Marvel Studios has released.


But, Variety says this new deal doesn’t mean more cameos of Lee will be coming, at least not in a traditional way. Right now, it’s unclear if the public wants to see Lee on screen in new ways again.

The deal does give Marvel permission to use Lee’s name, voice, likeness, and signature in movies and TV projects, as well as to use images, existing footage, and existing audio recordings of him. The rights to use Stan Lee’s name, voice, likeness ,and signature exclusively in theme parks, cruise lines, and in-park merchandise were also included the deal. So, we could see Lee again in theme park merchandise, like clothing or toys.

“Excelsior! A Stan Lee Celebration”

Genies Brand is a global kids media company and joined up with POW! Entertainment, which is a media company that was co-founded by Lee, Gill Champion, and Arthur Lieberman. 

“The audience revered Stan and if it’s done with taste and class, and respectful of who he was, it will be welcomed. He is a beloved personality and long after you and I are gone, he will remain the essence of Marvel,” said Genius Brand chairman and CEO Andy Heyward.

Stan Lee Press Photo

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