CEO Bob Chapek Gives Update on Park Pass Reservation System in Disney World

If you’re not a fan of the Disney Park Pass system, you’re not alone.

Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom

The Park Pass system, enacted in July 2020, requires guests to reserve a single Disney Park per day in advance. Although many similar policies due to the global pandemic and attendance control have been relaxed over the past two years, park reservations persist as a requirement for all Disney Parks guests. Today at the Q2 Earnings Call Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek delivered comments on the future of this system.

Regardless of how you feel about them, Disney Park Passes are likely here to stay, even though the level of crowds in the parks seems to be higher than ever. In fact, the Walt Disney Company reported an increase in ticket revenue due to favorable attendance, among other factors.

Disney World crowds

During the Q2 Call Q&A session, CEO Bob Chapek stated, “We’re controlling our attendance using our reservation system to optimize the guest experience.” He added, “We continue to see really strong demand and we’re encouraged by the trends that we’re seeing.”

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Chapek noted that the willingness of guests to visit the parks by using the Park Pass system reservations helps “manage [the] price per day.” He stated,  “That domestic yield strategy has structurally allowed [the Walt Disney Company] to increase that per capita spending meaningfully without having to rely solely on raising ticket prices.

Chapek added, “We don’t see any end in sight for that.”

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Christine McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer, said, “We’re choosing to limit attendance using our reservation system” as a way to balance both demand and attendance. She continued, “Attendance is something we’re controlling but we’re doing it to have a better consumer experience.”

Christine McCarthy ©Disney

McCarthy added that attendance will continue to be expanded through capacity, which has already been increased throughout the month of April with the addition of traditional character meet-and-greets in Disney Parks and nighttime shows in Disneyland Resort, and capacity will also move forward with the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT in May.

We’ll be watching closely for any further comments on the Disney Park Pass system, so stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney news.

Here’s why Disney World’s paid rides and park passes may be here to stay.

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How do you feel about the Park Pass system? Tell us in the comments!

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22 Replies to “CEO Bob Chapek Gives Update on Park Pass Reservation System in Disney World”

  1. Did he really say guests have shown a willingness to use the park reservation system? No one willingly uses it, it’s mandated by the company or you don’t get in the park. Since it’s not optional, there is no “willingness” involved.
    As for crowd control, all I hear is how freaking crowded the parks are. Makes me wonder how Disney defines “crowd control”. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is just unbelievable.

  2. Where do they get their information from? I have yet to find one person that likes the park reservation system. It does not enhance the guest experience, it hinders it. Park Hopper ticket are very but limit how you can use them. I have had an annual pass for 20+ years but will not be renewing. I am also planning on using my DVC to stay on property and uber to Universal. Very sad. Disney used to be my happy place. Not anymore:(

  3. My biggest beef is the reliance on spending vacation with head in phone which I refuse to do so no I didn’t use Genie and no I don’t mobile order and after checking in for my ADR they want to text me when table is ready? Nope…I’ll wait right here come and get me like everyone used to do. Was there 2 weeks ago doing it this way…I do just fine….no phone ( or seeing emails and texts that might ruin my day) I won’t be bullied …..

  4. Pretty obvious that this executive group doesn’t have any care about whether the park experience is impacted negatively by their new systems. This is a money driven ethic. He even speaks like my Business Profs did when discussing controls without social planning. Dead eye speech.

  5. The parks are so overcrowded and I don’t believe these reservations are doing much to limit the amount of people. We went in Feb while it was supposed to be at reduced capacity. No way! There were still park reservations available for the days we went and it was wall to wall people! And the genie + was terrible, so much stress planning our rides while we were there. I want to be with my family, not glued to my phone snagging reservations. And forget park dining reservations, it’s too stressful trying to get on rides and worry about not making it to my Cinderella’s castle reservation. We were *this close to buying into the DVC. We’ve always been big Disney people but they need to figure some stuff out with crowd control and the genie +. I want a pre-planned, stress free vacation. It wasn’t even the cost that bothered me, it was the stress…

  6. I will not buy season tickets again it is a hassle and I live close. I put up over the years with all kind of money saving remodeling. We used to have beautiful parks by the castle and Mickey water skated with the boat when you sailed into Disney world. character were every where in the parks. Under this CEO he allows freak
    Characters in movies and shows. We overlooked because they stayed in the background all the homosexuals they hired. Disney designed a beautiful place for children and people like me now they destroyed for years now the entrances even looks terrible. I make no reservation so far I have no problems they let me in. I also golf at Disney. The females who run the place want us to accept their freaks. Disney should stay out of politics we as fans do not want to hear it or see their personal opinions. Disney with my family made lots of money of me after my pass expire my grandchildren will not go anymore they have other choices, so do I. It makes me Ill what Disney pushes now

  7. So, until we refuse to renew our Annual Passes, you will continue to believe that operating the parks with 30k fewer employees for Florida resident attendees is the future of Disney World

  8. Will Disney return the money to customers form overseas for the days the can’t get into the parks. The happiest place on earth should be renamed the most stressful place on earth, adults can understand not getting in to parks but children don’t, it’s all about the $ not about people

  9. I think he is keeping the Park Reservations, so that he can Understaff and justify it. We have an AP to be able to go anywhere at anytime.

    1. We have been annual Passholders for most of the last 28 years. We have found the reservation system very unpleasant. We can’t have flexibility anymore at going to the park last minute because we can’t get in…. We can’t have the flexibility of deciding what park we feel like going that morning…. We can’t eat lunch where we want to… we used to stay in a resort within walking distance to the park and get up and walk to the park For a early lunch, ride a couple of rides, go back to the room during the heat of the day, go have lunch at another park and possible hit all four parks and a water park in one day. This is impossible now….there are times we go and never get into a couple of the parks at all. We haven’t eaten or explored so much of Disney since this reservation pass system started. I thought this would be a generational place for us. Unfortunately, it isn’t half the place it was a few years ago and it can’t even be compared to how wonderful it was 15-20 years ago. We are very dissatisfied with the changes. I hope they bring the magic back.

  10. So this is what it sounded like to me. Bob-“we like this system and we hear that no one else die, but we don’t care. Better for us, we are making money. We don’t care that the parks are packed and your ride experience is poor. We don’t care about our guests. If you don’t like the park reservation system, if you don’t like genie+ and really hate walking around all day with your face in your phone? Too bad. Then don’t go. We have plenty of yes” people that are telling us that it is great!” I can’t believe his is still working for Disney.

      1. I found it to be a pain and ruined the experience for our group to planned out in advance and can not change if need to. Hope it dies soon as we are returning in 2024.

      2. Bob Chapek and McCarthy are horrible liars. Let the board members come to the parks and wait in the lines and ask people what they think of the Genie+ and Park Reservation systems. I guarantee it is NOT what Chapek is reporting back to them!!!

    1. not gonna renew my existing annual passes and will no longer stay on property. the past 6 years i’ve spent over $6k each year on trips to disney. i know to disney that’s not a big deal but they’re not getting that from me anyone. already switched to universal studios and already seeing the benefits of their delux resorts, so far this year stayed twice.

    2. I have been to Disney WOrld 7 time, Disneyland 2 times and Disney Shanghi 1 time and our visit to Disney World in December 2021 was the most crowded of any time I have ever been in a Disney park. Soooo I call bull on the crowd control with the reservation system. Plus the ADDED cost of the + package , which by the way only allowed us faster lines on two rides a day, is another way of extracting more and more money from those who want to live WALT’s dream. The DREAM of those in charge now is to destroy WALT’s dream and make it the biggest cash cow in the universe with NO REGARD for the customers at all!!

    3. The reservation system is totally bonkers for area-based passholders, such as SoCal residents. I love to go to Disney on a whim and people watch with a pretzel and beer. I spend at least $100, if not $150, every visit. But I like to be able to wake up and GO. That was the point of living close to the park and having an annual pass.

      Disney has long been known not to care about its annual passholders, but this is next level.