Hidden Details From One of Disney’s Most Unique Castles!

As Hong Kong Disneyland reopened again after a series of closures, the parks have been operating with new systems and even a few special guests!


But, one of the biggest draws to the park recently has been the new Castle of Magical Dreams in Hong Kong Disneyland after it was unveiled for the park’s 15th anniversary.

CNN has detailed that the Castle of Magical Dreams is extremely unique to the park centerpieces around the world since the design has the diversity of over a dozen princesses. The structure that was build on top of the existing Sleeping Beauty Castle features Mulan, Pocahontas, the Frozen Sisters, and more.


The Imagineers have incorporated the heroine’s stories into the design of the caste with rose gold domes and stained glass windows for Sleeping Beauty, an apple lattice pattern for Snow White, scalloped detailing for Ariel, and a water lily motif for Tiana, among others. The colors, symbols and patterns on the castle even incorporate a fuchsia Arabic fabric pattern for Jasmine, cherry blossoms for Mulan, and Celtic patters for Merida.


The gold finials on top of the castle even have nods to characters like golden seashells or an enchanted rose, while 13 columns are dedicated to the protagonists’ sidekicks. Yet, direct references to the 14 characters are inside the castle with their stories told to guests. Amanda Chiu, a producer with WDI Asia, noted that “Instead of portraying them in a very submissive way, we portrayed them (all) as powerful women in a very engaging pose” with Jasmine riding alone on a carpet or Merida sending off an arrow.


Disney wanted to continue building upon the past history of Sleeping Beauty Castle for the Castle of Magical Dreams. They even used helium-filled balloons to help visualize how the height compares to the backdrop of the Lantau mountain landscape, as well as 3D technology to model the mesh of the old and new castles.


Imagineers used “modules” to see how individual parts of the castles would stack on top of each other, while still allowing people inside. The castle was built from 15 large parts that were prefabricated, painted, and assembled off site before being shipped in and craned into place over three months.


Hong Kong Disneyland also incorporates feng shui and cultures from around the world into its parks, not to mention the Castle of Magical Dreams. Chiu continued that “Feng shui is about the balance of the five elements. We want to draw on that harmony and apply that to castle.” So, wood and earth are shown through the castle’s landscaping, fire is in the pyrotechnic shows at night, metal is in the gold finials on the towers, and water is in the castle’s moat and dancing fountains for harmony.


We’re still blown away by the amazing detail of the Castle of Magical Dreams! And, we’ll be sure to give you a look at everything you can expect to see at the Disney Parks around the world soon! Stay tuned with All Ears for more Disney news!

Tokyo Disneyland has modified its announcements to be more inclusive!

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