You Don’t Need the Force To Get These Baby Yoda Macarons!

SPOILER ALERT if you aren’t all caught up on Season 2 of The Mandalorian! This post includes photos and references to the latest episode (but no spoilers of the main plot).

Is it just us, or does Baby Yoda literally get cuter in every single episode of The Mandalorian?!


If you saw the latest episode, you’ll know that blue macarons are now the only acceptable intergalactic snack to eat (aside from frogs apparently and soupy soup perhaps — but not soup that tries to attack you, jeez). And now you can eat just like your favorite little alien by grabbing some blue macarons of your very own!

You can buy a Baby Yoda plush, Baby Yoda bags, and even a Baby Yoda Funko Pop! figure, but is your Baby Yoda experience complete if you don’t also SNACK like the Child (except for those creepy spiders he ate once — gross)?! We think you NEED Baby Yoda treats for the full experience and apparently Williams Sonoma felt the same! So, if you’re craving more Baby Yoda fun you can now buy a pack of “Nevarro Nummies” from Williams Sonoma online, no Force pull cookie stealing necessary.

©Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma says the Nummies are inspired by the moment with a young Nevarro student debated sharing his treats with the Child. That Nevarro student quickly learned there’s nothing that can come between Baby Yoda and his snacky snacks!


The Williams Sonoma “Nevarro Nummies” set comes with 12 macarons with a creamy vanilla filling and are priced at $49.95. That’s rather pricey for some macarons, but if you’re a BIG Baby Yoda fan, getting to re-watch the latest episode while actually eating the SAME snacks as Baby Yoda could be totally priceless!


You can head over to Williams Sonoma right now to pick up a set of these macarons and have them shipped directly to you!

Want more Mandalorian treats? Williams Sonoma also has a cute iced cookie of the Child available for $9.95 that would totally make an awesome stocking stuffer!

©Williams Sonoma

Will Baby Yoda continue to eat more delicious or disgusting snacks throughout Season 2 of The MandalorianWill more of his eating habits get Mando in trouble? What other fantastically adorable things will Baby Yoda do in the next few episodes? We’re not sure, but we cannot wait to find out!

Will you be buying these Baby Yoda macarons? Let us know in the comments!

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