Disneyland’s Reopening Plans Are “Pretty Solid” Says Local Health Official

Although we’ve seen lots of signs around Disneyland Resort that show park officials are getting ready to welcome guests to the happiest place on earth, the Disneyland theme parks are still closed.


We’ve seen some initial reports regarding the theme park reopening guidelines, but a finalized version of the guidelines has not yet been shared and it’s unclear when it will be released.

Yesterday, however, we got some more details about Disneyland’s reopening plans thanks to a COVID-19 Press Conference held by the Orange County Health Care Agency on Facebook.

©County of Orange, California via Facebook

During the conference, one reporter posed a question to Dr. Clayton Chau, the current Director of the Orange County Health Care Agency. Specifically, the reporter asked whether Dr. Chau is concerned that “opening up some place like Disneyland could become a super-spreader site.” The reporter noted that Disneyland could potentially have people coming to visit from all over the country, possibly “transmitting or catching COVID, and that could also include the staff, the people who work at Disneyland” many of whom may live near the park in areas with high test positivity rates.

Disneyland Health and Safety Measures

Dr. Clayton Chau responded by noting that the Orange County Health Care Agency has been “working very closely with Disneyland on their proposed reopening plan.” Dr. Chau stated that as far as the Agency knows, Disneyland’s plan is pretty solid” regarding how to control the number of guests who visit the parks. Dr. Chau also noted that Disneyland has various processes, similar to what Disney has done in other areas, to control “who would be the first wave of visitors that they would allow to come and enjoy the park.”

Disney California Adventure

We shared today that Orange County Health Care Agency officials had in fact toured Disneyland recently and made recommendations about additional health and safety measures to be adopted ahead of their reopening, which Disneyland then adopted. During yesterday’s conference, Dr. Chau noted that some of the changes suggested “actually will be implemented right away at Downtown Disney.”

Health and Safety Digital Sign

According to Dr. Chau, they’re “very aware of the risk, but the risk is everywhere.” Dr. Chau noted that he strongly believes that if the reopening is planned well, and if the community and all visitors follow the steps of wearing a mask, frequently cleaning their hands, staying at home if they’re sick, and any other guidelines, then we can do this, because it’s been proven to work in other countries. We’re not the only one.” The key, according to Dr. Chau, is for the community to follow all of the guidelines in order to safely reopen.


Disneyland’s reopening and the release of the California theme park guidelines are both still developing situations. We’ll continue to post updates as we see more news about these matters, so be sure to come back for more updates.

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