Why You Should Go to SeaWorld Orlando if You’re Coaster Fanatic

While Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando may dominate the theme park battleground in Florida, we can’t forget about the third child, SeaWorld Orlando.


You may have been sleeping on this park because how could an aquarium compete with Disney and Universal? But SeaWorld can be a ton of fun, especially for roller coaster enthusiasts.

Here’s why coaster fans should plan a trip to SeaWorld Orlando!


We’re starting off with the coaster many credit for getting the folks interested in SeaWorld again: Manta. Manta is a flying Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)-engineered coaster inspired by, of course, the manta ray. Take a deep breath because you will lying prone throughout the entire adventure as you whisk over fountains and into the air.


The coaster was and still is a big win for SeaWorld because of the combination of this unique sensation of belly-down flight that reaches 56 mph with four inversions.


The latest coaster collaboration between SeaWorld and B&M, Mako was inspired by the mako shark, which has been identified as the fastest species of shark in the ocean. The name is appropriate because Mako is the tallest, longest, and fastest roller coaster in Orlando (200 feet tall, 4,760 feet long, and 73 mph max, if you want to know the numbers).


Though it has no inversions, Make still gets the pulse racing with a series of airtime hills. Mako has been consistently rated in the top 50 steel coasters by the Golden Ticket Awards, so fans will definitely want to check this credit off their list.

Kraken Unleashed

Oh, Kraken, everyone keeps taking away your toys, but you can still bring the thrills. When this B&M floorless coaster was first built, it held the record for the tallest and longest coaster in Florida until a certain Yeti moved into Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Kraken Unleashed

The coaster experience was beefed up with a virtual reality experience in 2017, but due to technical difficulties the headsets were permanently removed. Still, reaching a max speed of 65 mph and featuring a total of seven inversions, Kraken has the capacity to give you the air-time thrills you’ve been looking for.

Journey to Atlantis

Part dark ride, part water coaster, Journey to Atlantis is definitely the black sheep among its coaster brethren. The ride features one of the most detailed stories that SeaWorld has designed, portrayed as an expedition to the lost city of Atlantis.

Journey to Atlantis

With splashdowns and roller coaster-style drops, we think this aquatic adventure should still be on coaster fans’ radars. Though many of the original effects and story elements from the ride’s opening have been cut, Journey to Atlantis offers an experience that you can’t find at Disney or Universal.

Ice Breaker

While it has not opened yet, the newest coaster in SeaWorld’s repertoire already sounds like a must-do for coaster enthusiasts. The family thrill coaster will feature four launch segments that will top Ice Breaker’s speed out at 52 mph.


The steel track will reach into the sky 90 feet, drawing guests in with the steepest drop of any roller coaster in Florida. We can’t wait to experience this thrill!

How many times have you ridden the coasters of SeaWorld? Let us know in the comments below!

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