Team Fantasyland SWEEPS the Bonus Points in the Latest AllEars Team Quest!

The AllEars Team Quest is getting HEATED!

AllEars Team Quest

We asked YOU to show us a picture of your favorite piece of Disney memorabilia on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, with teams gaining points for participation and who is the fastest!

Here’s the point breakdown so far!



Team Adventureland


Team Frontierland


Team Fantasyland


Team Tomorrowland


Friday’s Points 4 4 4 2
Saturday’s Points 4 2 5 2
TOTAL POINTS 49 30 30 24

Team Fantasyland won BIG with FIVE points, sweeping bonuses on all three social platforms!

So, Team Fantasyland, these are the folks you have to thank for this THREE bonus points!

Over on Instagram, @courtney_bong brought in a bonus point for Team Fantasyland with one of the COOLEST pieces of memorabilia! Check out her 1971 map of Main Kingdom!

©Instagram @courtney_bong

On Facebook, Jennifer got an extra point for Team Fantasyland for the second day in a row!

©Facebook Jennifer Eaton-Scavo

And on Twitter, @krystal_kuhn snagged the THIRD bonus point for Team Fantasyland

©Twitter @krystal_kuhn
Yesterday’s task also brought out some of our favorite pictures yet, because you guys all have some amazing Disney memorabilia!
Check out these vintage attractions tickets from Disneyland, courtesy of

@missydearey on Twitter (repping for Team Adventureland)!
©Twitter @missydearey

On Instagram, @blondie_kayla (Team Tomorrowland) shared her beautiful engagement photo in front of Cinderella Castle!

©Instagram @blondie_kayla

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Shannon (Team Tomorrowland) shared this snap of her Beauty and the Beast wedding topper!

©Facebook Shannon Jones
Keep checking out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the next task, which will be happening later today!

How’s your team doing? Let us know what team you’re repping in the comments below!

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