A Long Way From Diagon Alley: the First Official Harry Potter Store is Opening this Summer!

When I was a kid, I remembered begging my mom to take me to the Warner Brothers Studio Store, where they sold everything from Nintendo 64s to Life Sized Bugs Bunny Statues, but there was only one thing I was interested in: Harry Potter.

This was back when all the wands were hollow plastic!

Those stores are long gone, but with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter open at Universal Studios, I can get my Wizard Fix by heading to the park. I thought it couldn’t get any better than that, but there’s a brand-new retail experience coming to New York that promises to be the biggest collection of Harry Potter merchandise ever. 

A rendering of the new store. ©Warner Bros

Located on Broadway, the three-story location will be the latest entry in the trend of “retailtainment”, stores that blend shopping with themed entertainment. This won’t just be a shop filled with Harry Potter t-shirts but an interactive experience that invites guests to step into the Wizarding World.

Products from Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts will line the shelves, including personalized robes, exclusive wands, and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans (blech). One advantage this new location has over the theme parks is that it’s not set in a specific location or time, allowing a wider variety of merchandise. Expect to see robes for Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and Ilvermorny, as well as references to MACUSA and the North American Wizarding World.

Numerous interactive experiences are also set to appear at the new location. It’s currently unknown if they’ll have a replica of the Ollivander’s Experience at Universal, but wand purchasing is almost definitely confirmed. Snacks from Honeydukes will likely make an appearance as well.

Nothing can top butterbeer though. Still the all time best Theme Park Drink. Sorry, Blue Milk.

Still, the short turnaround also implies that the experience won’t be too complex, but it’ll be interesting to see what magic they conjure when it opens this summer.

Speaking of Harry Potter… why don’t you let us know your house in the comments? (Ravenclaw 4 Lyf!)

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2 Replies to “A Long Way From Diagon Alley: the First Official Harry Potter Store is Opening this Summer!”

  1. This is the most exciting thing EVER! Sorry Ken, Harry Potter never gets old. The books are completely timeless. It’s a culture of it’s own. That’s how come Disney can’t compete with Star Wars or Avatar or anything. There’s just nothing that comes close. It’s an amazing fandom family.