Team AllEars Runner Profile: Rich Gairing

Name: Rich Gairing, Jr (Never Richard please unless I am in trouble)

Where Do You Life? I am from Newtown, CT – a great place to live

In Which runDisney Events Will You Be Participating: This year I will be too lucky with my Disney running (my wife calls it an addiction). I will be out in California in August for the Dumbo Double Dare and my Coast to Coast medal. Running my first 10k and getting to run in an inaugural race for once is going to be amazing!

Then in November, I get to team up with my Team AllEars friends again at the Wine and Dine, for my first real nighttime race. Finally, in January, I am capping off my running career with the Dopey Challenge. Four days of running with the most amazing people in the world (they have to be to wake up at 2 AM).

Why Do You Enjoy Running Disney Races The thing I love most about running Disney races are the following (like children – you can love them all the same): I love that you get to see the parks and the fans in such a different setting, to be able to ride a bus or monorail and say “I ran there” or “the DJ was up there.”

I love being around people who are enthusiastic and are there for the fun of it all. I love the challenge and satisfaction of finishing a Disney race and getting that amazing bling. But most of all – I love the friends that I run with. Bonds are developed, and cemented during the Run Disney weekends, that will live forever.

What is Your Favorite Disney attraction or Restaurant and Why?
I love Splash Mountain and am amazed that they went to build such an amazing dark ride / thrill ride combo. The joy I get from seeing Brer Bear with the beehive on his nose, I laugh every time I see it. When it is working right, from Brer Rabbit hoppin’ along the boat, to the fountains overhead, to those mangy vultures – smiles every time. (Jungle Cruise is the my favorite old school ride & and Pooh’s Honey Hunt wins best overseas ride)

Why did you join Team AllEars? I joined TAE last year because I’ve had too many friends who suffered with breast cancer. While I am thankful so many were saved through science, I lost a close friend in July to this horrible disease. I think about her constantly, about her laugh and how loving she was to her family”¦ and it just makes me angry that she wasn’t with us in January so I could share this with her. Sure my love of Disney and my desire to change my life were important, but I run for all those who are have, are, or will be fighting.


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