If I Ruled the World – Part One

Recently, Mike Scopa wrote a great four-part blog titled “My Fixit List.” In these articles, he discussed ten things at Walt Disney World that he believes have been neglected and need attention. His blogs got me to thinking, what would I do if I ruled the World – Walt Disney World, that is.

If I am going to rule the World, I need to be keenly aware of one monstrous fact, Walt Disney World is a business and it exists for one, and only one reason – to make money. If this sounds harsh, then so be it. But this is the hard, cold truth. But most people forget this fact because Disney runs their business so expertly (for the most part). Everyone at Disney World, including the cast members, seem to be having so much fun that it’s easy to overlook that this is a money-making enterprise.

Technically, Walt Disney World makes money by selling theme park tickets, hotel rooms, souvenirs, and food. But that’s not their real product. Their actual product is magical moments. Anyone can rent a room, but Disney does it with something special – special enough to make it magical. Anyone can build a rollercoaster, but Disney embodies it with a storyline – a storyline that makes it magical. Some magical moments are obvious, like seeing your child give their favorite Disney character a hug. But other magical moments are not so obvious, like a clean restroom.

All of these magical moments take money to create. Since I’ve just been promoted to “Ruler of the World,” I don’t yet have a handle on the millions of dollars that regularly move from column to column on the Disney ledgers. Because of this, I’m going to keep my initial decrees simple and somewhat inexpensive (in the scheme of things). In other words, I’m not going to be expanding the monorail system, adding countries to Epcot, or building Beastly Kingdom at the Animal Kingdom, but rather make some simple changes and in my opinion, improvements. I realize that some of my decrees will affect the bottom line, but I don’t think it will be significant. And the losses incurred will be offset by happier guests – which will improve the bottom line. So here goes – in no particular order.

1. If I ruled the World I would reopen Aunt Polly’s.

At one time, guests could purchase simple lunches at Aunt Polly’s located on Tom Sawyer Island. Cold fried chicken, ham sandwiches, and PB&J sandwiches were available. Nothing fancy, but perfect for the location. I loved to sit at a waterside table here in total serenity and watch the hustle and bustle of Liberty Square across the banks of Rivers of America. It was the perfect way to relax.

After 9/11, attendance dropped dramatically at Walt Disney World and ways to cut costs were sought. By closing Aunt Polly’s, several cast member positions could be eliminated, yet the company wouldn’t lose a thing. Guests would simply eat lunch someplace else and their presence absorbed by other restaurants without having to add additional cast members at these locations.

If I ruled the World, Aunt Polly’s would be reopened. It’s time to bring back this favorite spot of so many.

Aunt Polly's

Aunt Polly's

2. If I ruled the World I would discontinue several character meals.

Okay, before all of you parents and grandparents run me out of town on a rail, let me explain.

The price of a character meal is nearly double that of an average meal. This is all well and good if you want to mingle with Chip & Dale one-on-one while you eat. But not everyone has children and not everyone wants to chat with their favorite Disney character at meal time.

There are three restaurants in particular that I’m concerned with, Akershus in Epcot, and Cinderella’s Royal Table and Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. All three of these establishments offer character meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since I’m not interested in character dining (and paying extra for a meal), Disney has effectively removed these three establishments from my list of possible eateries. I don’t like this. I want to experience a magical moment at Cinderella’s Royal Table, without having to pay through the nose for the privilege and be interrupted by a character while I’m trying to engage in a pleasant conversation with my dining companion.

What I’m proposing is this, make lunch “character free” at these three restaurants. This still leaves breakfast and dinner available for those who want to visit with the princesses and other individuals of fantasy. In addition, I would create “lunch” character meals at other locations to assure that the capacity is maintained for this popular activity. For example, Restaurant Marrakesh in the Morocco Pavilion is rarely busy. A character lunch here would boost attendance at this often overlooked restaurant.


Crystal Palace

Cinderella's Royal Table

3. If I ruled the World I would reopen the Diamond Horseshoe Review.

The Diamond Horseshoe is a stunningly beautiful building inside and out. The attention to detail here is magnificent. Yet this building sits unused except for peak periods when it’s used to serve quick-service sandwiches and drinks. It’s a waste of good architecture.

If I had the power to make decisions I would reopen the Diamond Horseshoe featuring a show similar in concept to the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review. It would be performed multiple times each day and a full meal would be served (western BBQ and the like). It would probably star Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye, but I’d leave the particulars up to the experts. A show similar to what I’m suggesting is already done at Tokyo Disneyland with great success.

Diamond Horseshoe Review

4. If I ruled the World I would reposition some of the FastPass machines.

There are a couple of FastPass machines that are incredibly inconvenient to seek out. I’m thinking of the ones for Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom and Soarin’ at Epcot. In both cases, it takes much too much effort to secure one of these precious tickets. Here’s what I’d do if I ruled the World. Merge the Splash Mountain FastPass machines with the Thunder Mountain machines. The area would need to be expanded a bit, but there’s room at this location for both sets of machines. This would be far more convenient than the present Splash Mountain set up.

I realize that the Soarin’ FastPass machines are located inside The Land Pavilion because the Imagineers want guests to pick up passes, then experience Living with the Land, Circle of Life, and the Sunshine Seasons food court. But from a guest’s perspective, securing a Soarin’ FastPass is a major hassle. You must enter the very crowded building, take an escalator to the lower level, maneuver your way through throngs of people, secure your passes, then retrace your steps back out. These machines need to be conveniently located outside of The Land Pavilion where a guest can easily access them without such a major investment of time. If I ruled the World, I would create a Soarin’ FastPass distribution area between The Land and Imagination Pavilions.

Thunder Mountain FastPass Machines

Outside the Land Pavilion

5. If I ruled the World I would reopen the monorail cabs to guests.

In July 2009, a cast member was tragically killed when one monorail backed into another. Disney immediately designated the monorail cabs off limits to guests. This was the appropriate decision. Various agencies needed to conduct investigations and review safety guidelines. But it’s been over two years since the accident. In that time, Disney has implemented new procedures and guidelines to ensure that this type of accident doesn’t happen again.

Riding in a monorail cab is a fantastic magical moment for both kids and adults. If I had my way, guests would once again be welcome to ride with the pilot.

Monorail Cab

Well, that’s the first half of my list. Check back tomorrow for 6 through 10. In addition, tomorrow I will be asking what you would do “If YOU ruled the World,” so give this some thought tonight. But please hold off on submitting your ideas until after you’ve read the rest of my list in Part Two. Great minds think alike and we might be covering the same topics.

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47 Replies to “If I Ruled the World – Part One”

  1. Hey Jack,

    Totally agree with what you said about the monorail. Out here at Disneyland, guests are still allowed in the cabs. They do need to bring it back 😉

  2. Love your blog! I was so disappointed to read that you were cutting back on your posts, and I stopped checking in on a regular basis. So glad you are still here, but I hate that I missed these posts when they first appeared.
    As far as this blog goes, ITA agree about the character meals! I took my son to WDW in 2009, after not having visited since I was a teenager in 1996. I was SO disappointed to see that Akershus and Cinderella’s castle are now both character meals. My parents LOVED the old buffet at the Norway pavilion. It was their one adult meal during our many trips in the 80’s and 90’s. As a kid, I didn’t fully appreciate the cuisine, but they did have a chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce dessert that was unbelievable. We also made multiple trips to the restaurant in the castle. Even as a kid, I recognized that it was magical, no characters needed. Having that wonderful view of Fantasyland through the stained glass windows made me feel like a VIP princess, no Cinderella needed!

    As far as other changes I would like to see (since you say Disney reads this site, I’m going to speak up)…
    I’d love to see the sound upgraded at the Country Bear Jamboree (maybe this has been done since our last visit in 5/2010). The show is so charming and timeless, but the last time we were there, the sound was so bad, you could “bearly” understand the lyrics. I was so disappointed that my son lost interest in a show that I have always loved, but the sound quality was really poor.
    Also, I wish they would bring back the original (at least I think it was the original) Illuminations. I just can’t get enthused about the current version, even after seeing it twice. The soundtrack just isn’t as moving, and I just don’t “get” the giant fireball.
    I also miss riding in the front of the monorail. I have several family photos of this from our visits…it was just amazing. I so hope you are right about the EMH hours cutbacks being temporary. I am planning a March visit with my son, and would LOVE to stay at the Poly, but there is NO WAY I will pay POLY prices if the monorail doesn’t run during EMH.
    SO GLAD they brought back the original Tiki Room show! Your blog post on that was also great, and the irony of the fact that Iago was severely damaged in the fire was not lost on me! Can’t help but think the Tiki gods had a hand in that one!
    Thanks again for the wonderful blog posts (especially the ones that focus on nostalgia)!
    Katherine T.

  3. The Great Spenconi has read our minds once again!! I hope the Disney guy who reads this blog passes these thoughts along.
    You know, much of the charm of Disneyland is that it has the footprint of Walt all over it. Nostalgia is a very big draw, especially to older guests who come back, time after time to relive their youth. To do away with too many of these older attractions makes one feel that Disney isn’t in tune with these feelings. Yes, I know that they have to make money, but it is the throngs of adults that go to the parks that are putting out the big bucks!!
    One of the things my family made sure we did every time we visited WDW was to have lunch at Cinderella’s Castle BC(before characters). That was one extravagance my frugal Dad would let us have when my brother and I were younger (not small kids, but teenage/college age kids). I treasure my Keepsake Cinderella glass mug! I also miss the Diamond Horseshoe Review (corny, yes but fun) and having an ice cream at Aunt Polly’s. Will wait for your next blog to see how well you keep reading our minds!

  4. Great blog!! I had never been to Aunt Polly’s when it was open but the thought of sitting over there on a warm day with some cold fried chicken is almost too good! That would be awesome!
    The fastpasses for Soarin’ I completely agree with as well. Guests that are wanting FP’s are usually just running in and out, they are not stopping to enjoy the rest of the surroundings…they’ll do that when they come back to actually use the FP. So outside sounds like the perfect place for me!
    And riding up front in the monorails…love it! We did it in 2007 I think and it was a highlight for sure. Did they stop allowing guests up front after the accident because of driver distraction with the guests or did a guest cause the accident??
    I’m off to read part 2 now! So so so happy that you are back! Your blogs are at probably 75% of the reason I love AllEars.net so much!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I really don’t know the reason Disney continues to make the monorail cab off limits at WDW. Since I’m told guests are still allowed in the cabs at Disneyland, I don’t know what the rational is here.

  5. Hi Jack:

    As always, LOVE your blog.

    My husband and I are avid WDW fans and are now sharing that love with our 3 year old twin daughters. However, I can honestly say that I sometimes feel that the “magic” at WDW is slowly but surely seeping out.

    Your blog started off by saying that Disney is a business and its business is to make money, and that is understood. But, I truly feel that in general the special “memory-making” features and nooks that made WDW so special are slowly being replaced with commercialism.

    The keel boats, the canoes, Aunt Polly’s, the Diamond Horeshow Review were elements that made WDW cozy with a nostalgic Disney feeling. It is sad to say, but in essence, I feel that WDW it is losing it’s heart and soul to anything that will make it the most money.

    I feel sorry for the next generation of Disney go-ers who will miss these features that made WDW so unique and special.

    That being said, my change would be to make the “Deluxe” resorts a bit more affordable for the average folk. I tell my husband that sometimes the difference in rate is so radical between a “value” or “moderate” resort and a “deluxe” that if feels as if it is comparable to class distinctions back in the day. I feel that “Deluxe” resort would be like what “first class” would have been to the “third class”: almost unattainable.

    Don’t get me wrong, our family can find magic and that special Disney feeling in any resort, but when you factor in ticket prices and the cost of food for a family of four, a “Deluxe” resort stay would be almost impossible.

    A “frequent visitor” program might be a nice addition, and can maybe give you “points” that can be accumalated for that dream “Deluxe” vacation, or for Disney experiences that are somewhat unaffordable for the average family on a budget.

    With all that said, I would like say that reading your blogs always reminds me that there is still plenty of Disney magic left in WDW, if we just “stop and smell the roses”…

    Thanks again for wonderful articles!

    Melissa Gonzalez

    A “frequent guest” program might

  6. Jack, you took the words right out of my mouth. Our favorite restaurant used to be the Crystal Palace BEFORE the characters. We don’t have children and enjoy character free meals. Since they put characters at CP we haven’t been back. I think it would be a great idea to make lunch a ‘character free’ option.

  7. I’d like to offer a compromise on the character meal at Cinderella Castle… rather than get rid of characters completely for lunch (since it is already very difficult to get such a reservation), why not have a separate dining room for non-character-seeking guests. Only a handful of tables would be necessary and they could be completely closed off to a view of the princesses. This way those people who want to eat in the castle can, but they don’t have to pay the premium of the characters that they have no desire to see, and the families that want to eat in the castle BECAUSE of the characters are not penalized based on the desires of a minority who do not care for the princess experience. Of course, this would cut into Disney’s profit because they routinely fill the seats with people willing to pay the inflated character-dining price (and because there is demand for it, even if it isn’t your demand), so the compromise would have to minimally impact their bottom line and the experience of the majority of their guests.

    Jack’s Comment:

    I like your compromise, but I see a potential problem — especially for Disney management. Cinderella’s Royal Table is one large room — and it really isn’t practical to “wall off” a portion of this restaurant for non-character dining. And if they could wall off a section, who would want to sit there. The restaurant needs to be open so the windows and vaulted ceiling can be seen by everyone. After all, it’s a banquet “hall.”

    Given that they set some tables aside for non-character dining that aren’t walled off from the rest of the restaurant….

    Mom and dad and their two kids aren’t able to book the character section of the restaurant, but decide the non-character section is better than nothing. Once seated, the kids see other children mingling with Cinderella. And even though they’ve been told a dozen times that they can’t visit with the characters in this restaurant, the reality is more than they can tolerate. So dad asks to speak to the manager and asks if an exception can be made as it would mean so much to his children. If the manager makes an exception, it’s not fair to everyone who paid for the privilege. And if the manager doesn’t make an exception, mom and dad are mad at Disney’s inflexibility. Then mom and dad tell their kids to just go over to the character section and say “hi” anyway.

    Disney is put in a no-win situation.

    IF a restaurant could have section walled off without ruining the ambiance of the facility, then I think you have a great idea. Akershus in Norway might be able to pull this off.

  8. Jack,

    I agree with everything you wrote. During my last trip to Epcot I was thinking how sad it was that I would never be able to eat at Akershus or Cinderella’s Royal Table again.

  9. Jack,

    All very sensible, and as you advertise, providing a much better guest experience with relatively little cost. It’s hard to imagine a better list. You’re hired! The problem is of course, that few Disney execs seem to understand the benefit of enhanced guest experience any more.

    I have only a mild disagreement with one — the Soarin’ fastpass location, while inconvenient, is near the attraction as it should be, and clearly distinct from the attraction entrance — I’m happy with it as is. If you want convenience above all, the FP machines would be near the park entrance!

  10. I am so glad to see your blogs again! I totally agree with all of your recommendations. I never got to eat at Aunt Polly’s but it seems to me another quick service restuarant would be great. Also, the idea about the character meals and having a lunch w/o characters would be a nice idea. I would so love to experience a meal inside the castle but I am not willing to give up two dining credits and I have a 13 year old son who has no desire to dine with the princesses. Also moving the fast pass machines for Soarin is a fantastic idea! It is so hectic trying to get fastpasses to probably one of our favorite rides. Also if you don’t want to stay in the land waiting on your fastpass time it is a hassle to get back through all of the people to get back out of the building. Can’t wait to read the rest of your suggestions.

  11. Got to agree and disagree on the character meal thing. My wife and I ate the Crystal Palace last year and our bill was just shy of $100…eek. Week long trip and that was the only ressie we made for a “meet and greet”. The food was sub par and bland. However, the characters were a lot of fun and they interacted with us quite a bunch. We were celebrating our much belated honeymoon…our waiter noticed our pins and we got a cupcake with a candle and a card signed by Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore. Only advantage to the meet and greets are not having to stand in line for 30+ minutes for a photo or a autograph.

    I’m 100% with ya on the Fast Pass locations and the cab monorail rides…I miss those. 🙁

    Great blog as always, Jack!

  12. You are right on on all of your suggestions – especially the Soarin Fast Pass locations(nightmare)! Can’t wait to see part 2

  13. I haven’t had the pleasure of eating at Aunt Polly’s and I’ve found with two kids running around the island taking advantage of all the fun stuff a place to sit with a cool drink and maybe a bit to eat would be a great advantage. Due to the heat when we usually visit (late August) the drinks we carry over there are gone quickly and we don’t spend as much time as we’d like on the island.

    I agree whole heartedly that they reopen Aunt Polly’s

  14. Great article! Looking forward to part 2!

    I totally agree with you about the character meals. My husband and I don’t have any children, and he would rather not go to a character meal if it’s just the two of us. There are restaurants I’ve never been to because of that. Don’t get me wrong…I think the character meals are great…especially when I’m with some of the younger members of my family, but I also wish some of these restaurants would offer non-character meals.

    I would also love to eat at Aunt Polly’s! Haven’t been there in so long, and it’s such a pretty setting.

  15. My Grandson rode in the cab of the Monorail from Magic Kingdom to Epcot in 2008 and it was one of the highlights of his first visit to WDW.

    Jack’s Comment:

    When my older brother visited a couple of years ago (he was 68 at the time), I made sure he and his wife rode in the cab of the monorail. The LOVED it. This activity isn’t just special to kids. Everyone loves it.

  16. I’ve had similar thoughts on Fastpasses, particularly when it comes to Toy Story Mania. It can be a bit dangerous as the crowd stampedes toward Pixar Place early each morning to arrive at the Fastpass machines. My thought is: designate several entry lines to the park as Fastpass distribution lines for the two most popular Fastpass attractions at each park- those that clearly use up their distribution limits early in the day. Folks whoabsolutely want to ride one of these attractions are assured a Fastpass (if a castmember monitors the number of people in line).

  17. I would love to see Aunt Polly’s open for business. It does look neglected and lonely. My husband and I would love to have a quiet lunch on the island and watch the world go by. We’ve never been over to the island because it never looked very inviting. We do have it on our list for our next trip in 2 months. Also, because 95% of the time it is just my husband and myself, we don’t do character meals. However, we would enjoy the theming and the opportunity to dine at CRT or CP without the whole character thing.
    We have dined in Morocco and I do believe that a character experience at this restaurant would boost their bottom line. Great ideas! I’d vote for you to rule the world!

  18. Hey Jack! Like most I agree with everything you said which is crazy because I almost never agree with men! LOL! Anyway, our family was one of the lucky ones in 2008 that rode in the cab of the monorail, and loved it! Yes, bring it back!
    I also agree with the character meals! I have teenagers, and there ok (for the most part)eating at a place that has non-faced characters like Mickey, but to have as my son would say ” some lady in a dress acting like Ciny is nutts!” However, put Mickey or Donald in front of them and there fine, so we don’t go to many of those because of that & price.
    The fastpass machine locations in several places I don’t understand!
    I look forward to the day when Jack rules the World!!!

    oh by the way GLAD YOUR BACK!!

  19. All excellent suggestions! I would so like to see some food offered again at Aunt Polly’s, it looks so sad over there with just those vending machines. I would LOVE to eat in some of my favorite restaurants again, without character meals every meal. I like that you’ve kept these suggestions easily implementable and budget conscious. Can’t wait to read the rest of your ideas!

  20. Where can I vote? I agree with everything that you suggested Jack. Thanks and I can’t wait for Part II, too. Ray 🙂

  21. Hi Jack,

    I miss Aunt Polly’s too. Now we never go to Tom Sawyer Island….we used to enjoy having our lunch at Aunt Polly’s. The kids had PBJ sandwiches & Mickey cookies. We had the chicken. A real picnic on a beautiful island at WDW.
    After lunch we’d explore the caves & the fort. A great way to spend the afternoon. We miss that!

  22. Hi Jack,
    What a great blog! I agree that the Soarin fastpass machines need to be placed elsewhere.
    My husband was nearly pushed over by a person who was eager to get to those machines. Luckily my brother caught him before he landed on the floor.
    I enjoyed Aunt Polly’s too and wish it were opened again and I would love to see the inside of the Diamond Horseshoe.
    Looking forward to the next list.

    Jack’s Comment:

    I miss Aunt Polly’s a lot. For the most part, Tom Sawyer Island is for kids. Aunt Polly’s gave adults a reason to visit the island.

  23. Hi Jack!

    I love your list. Especially number 1 and number 5.

    I miss relaxing at Aunt Polly’s. Just the idea of being on an island, surrounded by water is relaxing. But I like to be able to get a snack while enjoying my time. And vending machines won’t cut it.

    When I took my husband on his first trip to Disney it was in 2008 and you could still ride up front. I hadn’t done it in years and almost forgot about it. That day we met some friends that just moved to Florida a few months before. None of them knew that you could ride with the driver. When we left MK to go back to the car we had just missed a monorail and were one of the first ones up the ramp. I asked a Cast Member without telling anyone about it and we were able to do it. We all got our Honorary Co-Pilot cards and everyone loved that Magical Moment!

    Can’t wait for part 2!

  24. Riding with the driver of the monorail was the highlight of my trip with my mom in ’05. What a great view they have up there.

    I agree with moving the Soarin’ fast pass machine to outside the building.

  25. Love the list Jack. What are the chances that any of your suggestions will be taken into consideration? Can’t wait to get back to my favorite vacation destination.

  26. Jack,

    I love your ideas and agree with most of them wholeheartedly!

    I am only 29 and have only been visiting Disney World since I was 23 so I was not lucky enough to visit Aunt Polly’s. I have only seen it as a sad empty building and would love to see it restored and providing simple lunch-type items.
    I loved your post! Thank you!
    I am puting in some serious thought into what I would do “If I Ruled the World”. Can’t wait for your next post!

  27. Hi Jack! Great list! I agree with everything, especially a new relocation for the Soarin’ fast passes. By the time I claim my passes, I’m plumb tuckered out!!
    Let me add to your list: Disney should reopen the monrails that are no longer (or will no longer)be running for extra magic hours. I think this was a very poor decision on their part. Why would I want to hop on a bus if I’m staying at one of the monrail resorts after late hours in the MK and Epcot? I think part of the charm of these resorts is having access to the monrail after such hours…
    I look forward to part 2! 🙂

    Jack’s Comment:

    It is my understanding (and I could be wrong) that the monorails and the track are currently receiving additional work and require more time than usual maintenance. This is why the hours of operation have been cut. It’s also my understanding that this is a temporary situation and once everything has been taken care of, things will return to normal. However, since it is unknown at this time how long all of this maintenance will take, Disney is making no long term predictions as to when everything will return to normal.

  28. Hi Jack –

    I whole-heartedly agree with a majority of this article, especially your first and last points! I only ever got to experience Aunt Polly’s once, and because it was at the age of four, I don’t remember much, only what I’ve seen in photos and home videos. I’d love to be able to go back. Plus most restaurants are incredibly busy at lunch and the Magic Kingdom could do with another dining establishment. Secondly, I’ve been lucky enough to experience riding in the monorail cab and as a child, this was just the coolest thing ever (ten years later, i’d probably get excited over this!), and it would be great to give today’s kids this thrill as well!

    Another fantastic article and I’m looking forward to part two!

  29. Good ideas, Jack. I especially like the fact that these are practical suggestions that would be relatively easy to implement. As for the Soarin’ Fastpasses, I’d be happy if you just didn’t have to go downstairs into that sea of humanity clustering near the entrance! I look forward to your next set of ideas.

    Jack’s Comment:

    Like you, I would be extremely happy if the Soarin’ FastPass machines were located on the entry level of The Land pavilion. However, I couldn’t figure out a good space for them here. I’m not sure there is room on this level to handle all the people getting in line. That’s why I finally decided to place the machines outside.

  30. Jack,

    I love the suggestions, especially the character meals and have 2 kids and character meals are a must do.(Sorry, Stacy :-))

    It is great to have you back.



  31. Reopening the Golden Horseshoe is a good idea because there really is no live entertainment show at all on that side of the park. Yes, you have the Country Bears and Hall of Presidents but these involve animatronics and are thus prescripted. Plus, the Country Bears have become a bit of a joke.

  32. All of these sound good to me. I particularly wish that Aunt Polly’s would open back up. It used to be one of my little afternoon-relaxation secrets to grab an ice cream cone at Aunt Polly’s, pull up a rocking chair, and watch the parade from afar.

  33. Yay, more posts! 😀

    I’d love to see those restaurants open, as I’ve never been to either one — clearly I was born too late!

    I don’t mind run up and back through The Land, but if -I- ruled the World, there would be posted signed indicating a minimum walking speed. So it’s probably just as well that I’m not in charge. 😉

  34. Right on, Jack!

    I have a few additions to your list, but as you said, I will wait for part 2 to be released.

    So good to have you back. 🙂

    Oh, BTW – I agree with all of the list so far.


  35. Wow Jack–can I go to your version of Disney World?? It sounds awesome! The “alternative character dining” is a great suggestion–many of the other restauraunts in the resorts are non-character dining for at least one meal so it’d be nice to have that option for Cinderella’s Royal Table and Akershus. Looking forward to all of your other “plans” for the World!


  36. These are awesome ideas – especially rearranging the character dining! I would love to eat in the Crystal Palace or at Cinderella’s Royal Table, but I’m not going to pay for & endure characters to do so. I never got to visit Aunt Polly’s, but it sounds lovely.

  37. I agree 100% with every single one of these!! Especially Aunt Polly’s. The space looks so forlorn now. I also have often wanted to eat lunch at Cindy’s but not wanted to pay for the character meal. they do non-character dinner at Hollywood and Vine, why not Cindy’s? I think a lot of people, solo travelers, etc. would eat there if they did that.

  38. YES! YES! YES! The Soarin’ fast passes drive me nuts!! I grab everyone else’s tickets and do my cardio run back and forth to get the fast passes! I understand too, but it would make it so much more pleasant. And I agree with Diamond Horseshoe Revue because I never got to see it. When we went as children in the 70’s, back when you would try to make dining reservations at City Hall as soon as you arrived in the park that day, we could never get in. So I’ve never seen it fully utilized and its seems such a shame.

    So can’t wait for Part 2! Its wonderful to have you back.


  39. hey jack
    I love this idea of saying if you ruled the world. so far i strongly agree with all of your choises for if you ruled the world. you basically hit the nail on the head. can’t wait for part two and as always keep up the great work.

  40. Great suggestions; now to get the right people to see them….


    Jack’s Comment:

    AllEars.net is one of a handful of websites that Disney recognizes. Because we are recognized, we are invited to press events and other official functions. The reason Allears is recognized is because Disney monitors our content. They know that we strive to be accurate and we try to be fair. Unlike some other sites, we don’t make it our habit to criticize — although we will when we feel it’s warranted.

    On some level, someone at Disney is reading our website. But who that is and at what level of management, I don’t know. We can only hope that someone of power is reading my current blog.

  41. re: character meal(s) at Restaurant Marrakesh lunch. That would be wonderful. They could easily have Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie, and Abu (who’s so rare that his appearances here would be a neat perk) and MAYBE Jafar, though his appearances would be odd with the heroes (I still would love a Villain character dining experience somewhere…).