Flower and Garden Festival Monorails

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Colorful flowers on land and water at the annual Flower and Garden Festival.Nikon D750/16-35VR, 1/125s, f/16, ISO 160, EV 0, 35mm Focal Length, Panorama. I spent a day recently at Epcot’s annual Flower and Garden Festival. I wanted to capture the beauty and color of the festival. Above, I used four photographs stitched together to … Continue reading "Flower and Garden Festival Monorails"
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Three New Faces Come to the Disneyland Resort: Manny, Mandy and Mona Monorails

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Here to welcome their “Cars” friends to Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park, Mandy and Mona Monorails began making trips around the resort yesterday – and they will soon be joined by a third friend, Manny Monorail. You can tell each by their colors: Mandy Monorail is blue, Mona Monorail is orange and Manny … Continue reading "Three New Faces Come to the Disneyland Resort: Manny, Mandy and Mona Monorails"
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If I Ruled the World – Part One

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Recently, Mike Scopa wrote a great four-part blog titled “My Fixit List.” In these articles, he discussed ten things at Walt Disney World that he believes have been neglected and need attention. His blogs got me to thinking, what would I do if I ruled the World – Walt Disney World, that is. If I … Continue reading "If I Ruled the World – Part One"

Hidden Mickeys Research in the Magic Kingdom

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I’m working on the next edition of the Walt Disney World Hidden Mickeys book. It’s a great excuse to visit Disney World, as often as I can! On this particular day, I parked at the main MK parking lot and rode the monorail to the MK entrance. If I have the opportunity while on the … Continue reading "Hidden Mickeys Research in the Magic Kingdom"