Bay Lake Tower Opening

Deb Wills checked in to the new Bay Lake Tower today, August 4, and sent photos along the way. Here’s a look at the newest Disney Vacation Club location, through Deb’s eyes — photos added as the day goes on:

The day begins over Bay Lake:


Welcome Home!


Fantasia Gift Shop line for LE Bay Lake Tower Pin


View from 7th floor villa at Bay Lake Tower


Lobby entrance of Bay Lake Tower


Bay Lake Tower 1 bedroom balcony


Walkway Contemporary – Bay Lake Tower


View from 15th floor


Bay LakeTower Looking up from Fountain

Founding member plaques on Tempo Fountain


Pool at BayLake Tower


Play area fountain. Bay Lake Tower


Even the hallways are beautiful at Bay Lake Tower


Jack, Deb and Bartender Mike in Member Lounge @ Bay Lake Tower


Bay Lake Tower Member Lounge




Amazing full rainbow from Member Lounge


Bay Lake Tower Pool at Night



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Debra Martin Koma wrote about food, travel and lifestyle issues for a number of local and national publications before she fell in love with Walt Disney World on her first visit — when she was 34! She's returned to her Laughing Place more times than she can count in the ensuing years, and enthusiastically shares her passion with readers of AllEars.Net and AllEars®. Deb also co-authored (along with Deb Wills) PassPorter's Open Mouse for Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line, a travel guide designed for all travelers to Walt Disney World who may require special attention, from special diets to mobility issues.

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52 Replies to “Bay Lake Tower Opening”

  1. My wife and I just got back from Walt Disney World on 12/20/09. We finally became Disney Vacation members and our home resort is Bay Lake Towers. We walked all around them inside and out. We even walked to MK from there one night. To answer everyones questions it was about a 5-8 min walk. We tend to walk a little quicker then most people. The Bay Lake Towers are gorgeous. Can’t wait to stay there in Jan 2011 for or anniversary.

  2. Deb,

    I am so glad you have pix of the pool. We are visiting in Jan. ’10. Like the previous writer we have a 2 room lake view villa booked and wanted to know which are the best rooms to request for the least amount of walking to either the monorail, buses or walk to MK? I have MS and staying in the smartest area to reduce walking any which way I can is beneficial. Is it easier to just walk to MK or should you walk to contemporary and catch monrail to MK? -Beth

  3. Hi Deb
    We are not DVC members, but have booked a week stay at the brand new Bay Lake Towers for October. Our “two room villa” is a “lake view” and I would like to know your thoughts if you think upgrading it to a Magic Kingdom view would be worth the extra cost. Any other tips or recommendations for room location would be great. Specifically, if you can tell me what floor and location might be the most direct to Disney transportation would be excellent! thank you very much – Nichole

  4. Thanks for the pictures. I am going in November and had the luck to get 9 days in a Grand Villa with a MK view. I cost me a bunch of points but your pictures have convinced me it is worth it. I just wish I was buying all my points for this resort. Given the interest in BLT I am sure Disney will plan another along the Monorail route at some point.
    Thanks again.

  5. We joined DVC in April and BLT is our home resort. We can’t wait to see it. We’ll be visiting in November. The pictures are wonderful, thanks for that. We’re going to stay in a Bay Lake view room in November. I’m wondering how difficult it is to get up on roof to watch the fireworks. Was it crowded up there in the evening?

    DEB: Only 100 persons can be in the Member Lounge but over 300 can be outside in the viewing area. Chances are you will be ok. It was not crowded while I was there, but the resort was not fully occupied yet either.

  6. We just returned from BLT. We are new dvc members and this is our home resort. IT IS ABSOLUTELY beautiful. We were there for opening week. The pictures that you posted are beautiful. thank you so much for sharing them. Now we can look again, you did a much better picture taking job than i did. Also see Wish”s from the 16th floor it was amazing

  7. So, as for the “views” what exactly, does “standard” look out on? I can’t imagine there being a bad view from anywhere, based on the pics! And which view looks out on the courtyard & pool…clearly not MK?

    Oh and thanks for the awesome pics! This site rocks!

    BLT is our home resort, but we won’t be visiting until March ’10. (just got back from Saratoga in May)

    DEB: From what I understand, standard view may be a parking lot, roof or partial pool view.

  8. Thanks so much Deb to you and your team for all the fabulous info. Jack does a “vacation” from a website thats classic. Husband and I are going to BLT for ten days in September Lake View and now after seeing your photos can hardly wait. We were a little uncertain booking there as we are not “hotel” people. Members since 1996 at OKW and love that place as compared to all the others and yes we have stayed at all the DVC resorts. Again, thanks, you have taken away all my doubts and can hardly wait for September to get here.

  9. Thanks for the great pictures. Me & my family are going to AK Kidani in November (99 more days)Can’t wait. We are DVC members and I think next year we will try BLT, the pictures are wonderful! Thanks again for sharing, Denise Finkle

  10. The pictures are wonderful and I wish I was checking-in.i wanted to be one of the first 1000 to buy 160 points but dreams dont work out all the time.This will be my next stay so until then thanks for all the info.

  11. I am glad to see that there are more people than my husband and I who get really excited about Disney World. We are members at both the Animal Kingdom and Bay Lake Tower. We have a trip planned to stay at BLT for Sept 9th thru Sept 20th. Can’t wait. Love the pictures and all of the positive comments!!!

  12. We are staying at Saratoga Springs is August and are returning in October to BLT. Thanks for all the pics and updates.
    We have traveled to the World 25 times but it is special each time we visit.

  13. great pics deb. looks great. i went thru it when i was @ wdw july 16-18. saw the new bldg. hope to see it again soon. good thing 4 the internet so I can see what’s new & all that fun stuff

  14. We are staying in a lake view studio in October. Can’t wait! Thanks for the pictures!

    DEB: Bay Lake has some amazing sun rises!!! Try to catch one of them!

    We arrive 8/12 at Saratoga. Then 8/21 at BLT for 4 nights in a 1 bedroom. Can’t wait to get there.

  16. Hi Deb,

    Thanks for the photos. The night photos of the pool came out great.

    I am planning a trip to Bay Lake with my wife for our 24th Anniversary in October.

    I feel like I have already been there. (Oh wait, I have)

    Thanks again Deb.

  17. My family and I (DM, DD, Sister age 8 and me age 13) are planning a trip October with another family (girl age 8 and boy age 5). We are DVC members but the other family is not. We were all planning ion staying at AKL but after the seeing these pictures, I’m thinking we should stay here. My dad is a quadripligic. How accessible do you think this hotel is. Thanks 😉

  18. Thanks so much for the photos today, it was nice to feel like I am there just for a bit and at the same time see something new.

  19. This resort is just beautiful! As our August trip approaches we will be sure to stop by and take a peak. Disney did a wonderful job at designing this resort and keeping it within structure of the contemporary. The pictures are just perfect! I am sure many will call this there new home away from home. ENJOY!!

  20. Thanks so much for the pictures!!! It looks great. I am so thankful we were able to buy into DVC with this resort. We can’t wait to stay here!

  21. Pix were awesome. I noticed the Hidden Mickeys on the carpeting in the hall. Would love to have some in my home.

    DEB: There are even Hidden Mickeys in the bed linens!

  22. I’ll be staying there this time next week….we got lucky a few months back and able to get a week in a LV room!!!! ALL your pictures are getting me even more excited for our trip…we are members of DVC since 03 – gave up Boardwalk front rooms at the boardwalk for this opportunity – originally BCV members.

    DEB: I think you will really enjoy the resort. Be sure to allow some time to relax in the Member Lounge.

  23. Deb, Any chance you saw what the “light snacks” being served at Top of the World are going to be? I believe the Grand Villas are all on the top floor (check out the windows in photos).

    Snacks are
    Crab Nachos
    3 flatbreads,
    Chicken and Vegie Summer Roll
    Dessert Trio

    Many of us requested a cheese tray.

  24. We were on a waiting list and just got our confirmation – staying Bay Lake View 9/25-10/1 Can’t wait – What a way to celebrate my birthday!!

  25. Thanks for posting such great photos.

    BTW, the Founding Member Plaques were for the 1st 1000 DVC owners at other resorts that added on another 160 points at BLT. You must be a current DVC owner to be a founder at another resort. So it is possible that you were one of the first 1000 families to buy but are not a Founder and you don’t get a plaque.

    Maybe they should rename as the Add-on Founding DVC Members. LOL

  26. We just came back from our 2 week vacation there and as a DVC member we were given a private tour prior to public opening.
    All I could say when we went up to the grand villas, which are all located on the top two floors… can enter either on the lower or upper level…… WOW. I left the tour with my mouth wide opened.

    In the Grand Villa, three, yes, three bathrooms and one has a TV(flat screen) in it!
    Thanks Deb, for all of your hard efforts on this site. I don’t think I ever thanked you! Our yearly trips are easier because of you and the ALL EARS team!!!

  27. Thanks for the exciting pics, Deb. We hope to stay at BLT next year. We’re booked in Kidani Village (and Saratoga Springs) this November.

  28. Thanks for the great pictures and info! We will be staying at Saratoga Springs in September and will be sure to check out the Bay Lake Tower! We’re new DVC members, and BLT is our home resort! We will be there a week in December. I always get excited to visit WDW, but I’m especially excited to see our new resort!

    Thanks again!

  29. Thanks for the pictures, My wife and I will be down September 10th to check it out in person. It looks beautiful

  30. Regarding the question about the founding member plaques at the Tempo fountain: I believe it was the first 1,000 people to purchase BLT points got an engraved plaque at the fountain. I was one of them. We had two lines at 16 characters per line to say what we wanted, pending approval by Disney, of course.

  31. Thanks. Seeing these photos has made my day. It has been a tough year for our extended family but I am sure our December stay at BLT will make for a Magical Christmas.

  32. Thank you for the pictures. BLT looks beautiful! I wonder if Disney will someday build a second BLT where the Contemporary (south?) garden wing is now for some symmetry? Any rumors on this?

  33. Thank you so much for posting the pictures of BLT, this is our home resort and we are headed down next Friday! It looks amazing!!

    DEB: It IS amazing. I don’t want to leave tomorrow LOL

  34. Thanks for all the great pictures.

    Tricia, the founding member plaques at Tempo Fountain were part of the purchasing incentive for the first ____ members that purchased at BLT. I believe it was the first 1000 members.

    Disney does this at new DVC resorts to encourage people to buy at that specific resort.

  35. YAY! I’m so happy you are posting pictures today. Any chance you could post pics of the lithos they are giving out?

    Deb: I have not seen any litho being given out. I’ll ask.

  36. Pictures Look Great! I can’t wait for our stay their in Oct. 2009.

    Any chance on finding out which type of rooms are on which floors?

    DEB: Each floor has a mix of rooms, although I”m guessing the Grand Villas are high up. No map of the room types are available (I did ask 🙂

  37. I’m so excited for the opening! We will be staying there Halloween weekend, and as one of the first 1000, our names are somewhere on the founding member plaques. Thanks to you, I now know what they look like and where they are located!

  38. AWESOME ! I can’t wait til Dec 7th when I am bringing my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary here. Thanks for the pictures and all the great info out here to plan with.

  39. Thanks so much for the pictures of Bay Lake Tower!! I’m very excited that this is our home resort and can’t wait to stay here! My only regret is that we have to wait until May 2010! I greatly appreciate all the work you and everyone else puts into the website and newsletter. It has provided so much useful information to make our trip planning so much easier for us. Keep up the GREAT work!!