EPCOT Sombrero Club

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Members of the EPCOT Sombrero Club in Epcot's Mexico pavilion, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Members of the EPCOT Sombrero Club.
Nikon D70/18-200VR, 1/60s, f/3.8, ISO 200, EV +0.3, 22mm Focal Length, Flash Used

Are you a member of the EPCOT Sombrero Club? Admit it. Who hasn’t put a sombrero on their head when walking around the market inside the Mexico pavilion. They are big and brightly colored. Just perfect for a fun photo of yourself and members of your family. This is my daughter and her boyfriend. He’s very tall but reminds me of a Disney character. Can you guess which one? Hope you enjoyed my Disney Pic of the Week for Mexico.

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3 Replies to “EPCOT Sombrero Club”

  1. They should add a photopass photographer here. It would make a neat photopass photo op.

    Scott replies: I’ve never seen a Photopass photographer inside any of the World Showcase pavilions. Lots of them outside.

  2. I have had to wait in line to get a Sombrero club picture before. But always fun.

    The first character that comes to mind when seeing your daughter’s bf is Kuzco in the Emperors’ New Groove……that’s of course before he is turned into a llama.

    Scott replies: Yes, that’s who I think he looks like too. Of course, Kuzco is not 6 foot, 4 inches tall!

    You had to wait in line to try on a Sombrero? Maybe Disney should add it to the tip board. 🙂