The Disney Mickey Mom’s Club

By Michelle Scribner-MacLean

About a year ago something Disney popped into my email box. Well, to be honest, this happens several dozen times each day, but this was a bit different. Disney was launching something called the Disney Mom’s Panel: they would choose about 10 Disney parents, regular people who love Disney, to serve as “advice givers” to trip planners visiting the Disney site”¦.and as reward, Disney would spring for a trip to Walt Disney World in December.

Disney Moms Panel

Did this have Michelle written all over it?! Well, my family and friends certainly thought so”¦they encouraged me to go for it. Sensing this was something that was going to generate an enormous response, I quickly fired off an application which consisted of telling a bit about myself, my family, and, of course, making a case for my Disney expertise.

Well”¦I was correct”¦.this offer from Disney generated a gazillion responses from Disney-loving parents (in truth, it was several thousand) – the response was so overwhelming, in fact, that Disney was forced to close the application process fairly quickly. So, I submitted my application, crossed my fingers, and waited”¦.

“¦.and waited”¦and kept on waiting until early November when I found out that they had chosen some other worthy candidates, but not me. Awww. I was disappointed but quickly got over it”¦.

A few months later I got yet another Disney email which basically said, “Hey, all of you thousands of people who didn’t make it”¦.we want to stay in touch with you and we’re forming a club of Disney-loving parents such as yourself”¦and we’ll let you name the club and promise to send you lots of neat stuff”¦for free!”

Well, that sounded like my cup ‘o tea! Disney gave the runners up of this contest a chance to vote on the name of this new club – and the name I chose – The Mickey Mom’s Club, was the name that was eventually chosen.

I was excited, but unsure of what this meant. Would I have responsibilities? Would I need to be at my computer, at the ready for Disney planning questions that may come my way? It was all a bit nebulous.

Then it hit me: this was a stroke of Disney marketing genius!! Disney had several thousand people who were all willing to coach their friends and neighbors through planning their trip to Walt Disney World – they had, in essence, a cadre of Disney mini-mouseketeers”¦.er”¦marketeers at the ready (smart move, Disney!).

Soon I started receiving emails with planning tips, desktop wallpaper, and lots of praise for being a member of the Disney Mickey Mom’s Club (I thought, “Gee, thanks, Disney, but I haven’t actually even done anything).

About two weeks ago I received a huge lavender envelope with Mickey Ears all over it. Oh, boy, was I excited and I opened it to find a bundle of really fun Disney stuff including:

– Two Disney Tinkerbell pins (one for me and one to share)
– A huge Disney Mom’s Club (DMC) magnet for my car
– A DMC “mouse pad”
– A glossy photograph and stickers of the “Fab Five”
– A Disney planning DVD
– A pocket guide to planning for WDW trips

Disney Mom's Club Kit

This is great stuff! I feel very spoiled”¦and, although I know I’m being rewarded for doing some Disney marketing, it doesn’t bother me. Every day I give trip and planning advice, as I suspect the other thousands of DMC members do”¦ We love Disney and we’re happy to help our friends and family.

Tinkerbelle Pin

So, I’m happy with my DMC loot”¦.now I could just need find a worthy recipient of that other Tinkerbell pin.

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6 Replies to “The Disney Mickey Mom’s Club”

  1. I would love to be a Mickey Mom too! We are a Disney loving family and have been to the World 5 times in the past 3 years. DH and I are both teachers so we know what it is like to go during peak times and how important planning is to having a great vacation. I love helping my friends at school and home plan their Disney vacations!

    We are looking forward to sailing on the Dream next year too – she looks awesome! We’ve sailed on the Wonder and tried other cruise lines, but feel that no one does it like Disney!

    We are heading back in less than two weeks, and we can’t wait!

  2. I would love to be a Mickey Mom!! We just got home from Disney for the 3rd year in a row!!! I LOVE ALL THINGS DISNEY!!!! How do you get to be a Mickey Mom?

  3. Hi! I have been a Disney fan since my first visit to WDW. I have visited 3 of their 5 parks (Disneyland Tokyo, Disneyland CA, and WDW) and will be visiting EuroDisney this summer. I just love all that is Disney. I travel quite frequently for work and can honestly say that only Disney does it right. There has never been a time when I would say “if only ….”. Disney knows exactly what to do to make their guests comfortable.

  4. Hi! I just started reading about the Mickey Moms club. I REALLY would love to apply and get involved in it. Is there any way you could share on how to do that. I just love Disney and Everything Disney. If my husband could get a job in Orlando I would pack up, get a job at one of the parks and be the happiest girl alive. But that is not in the cards at the moment. So this sounds wonderful. Any help would be great! Thank you so much! And have a Magical Day!!!!

  5. I wanna be a Disney mom! My family and I love Disney and want to be part of all things Disney! Please let me know of anything available! Thanks!