Jack’s Mail Bag

I want to thank everyone who writes in about my blogs. I really appreciate the feedback!

Here are some recent emails I’ve received:

Cindy Hershey
Loved the blog with the 1972 pictures. Please post more from any years that you have. They bring back so many memories. I grew up 15 minutes from Disney and have so many wonderful childhood memories. My husband made his first trip at the age of 35 in 2000. I try to tell him some of the things that used to be there, what some places “used” to look like. Your pictures have shown him what I have told him. I would love to see some pictures of the old topiaries that used to be between the Contemporary and Magic Kingdom. The ones that you could see from the monorail. Thanks again for bringing back wonderful memories!

Holley writes:
I love all your old photos of what the World used to look like. It helps me look at things a little differently trying to visualize what things WERE like as compared to now. On our last trip (2 weeks worth of WDW) somehow we took almost 500 different pictures of stuff. My husband kept saying, “why are you taking a picture of that?” Your column proves my point that when my toddler daughter is my age she can look back at our photo albums and see how the World has changed as compared to as it is now.

Moley writes:
What a delightful review on the Yakitori House. It really captured the mood of this little gem of a counter service eatery. Next time we want a picture of that shogun combo, too, please. Excellent blog. I always enjoy your writings.

Suzanne from PA.
Hi Jack- LOVE your blog, and always look forward to a new entry! Anyway- I feel your pain with your kitchen! We are remodeling our bathroom, and I sure do wish I could just head to EPCOT for dinner to forget about all the mess! Thanks for all the wonderful reviews! Suzanne from PA.

Kathy writes:
I ate at Wolfgang Puck’s on the Monday after their opening. Our waiter was very friendly and helpful and we had a fantastic breakfast – good coffee! While we were eating they were in the process of installing new table umbrellas for their outdoor seating and an outdoor menu sign. We were so impressed we ate there again on Wednesday. In past trips I have enjoyed their pizzas, which are much better than those at any of the resort hotels.

Foxx writes:
Saw your post about the Old Mill reference on Tom Sawyer’s Island. Have you ever noticed that the creaking gears in the mill play “Down By the Old Mill Stream”? It may take a bit for that part of the track to kick in, but if you stand and listen to it for a bit it’s unmistakable. =)

Thanks again everyone!

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