Cruising the Mediterranean Part 5 – Reader Tips and the Magic’s Sailing On!


Well the countdown is less than a week away! I can’t believe the trip is almost here. This evening I spent some time making some cabin door magnets for decoration.

Important Note: Disney Cruise Line recently began a new policy on Cabin door decorations. They may ONLY be magnetic! No Tape and no glue! Apparently some folks used materials they shouldn’t have and the paint on the doors is getting ruined.

Cabin Door Tip: Bring some blank 8×10 magnetic sheets with you and some tape. That way if you have any photos printed that you want to display, just tape them onto the magnet!

Here’s a tip from Rose who will be sailing on the July 18th Med Cruise: One tip about currency exchanges that perhaps you can share with readers. I’ve always found better exchange rates withdrawing money from an ATM machine than if I had used travelers checks or a currency exchange office either here or overseas. Also, every ATM machine I’ve ever encountered was equipped to display in multiple languages, even in some of the smaller and obscure towns I’ve visited. That should alleviate the concerns of anxious travelers who are unfamiliar with the language. Also remind people that Visa & M/C are more widely accepted over Amex. For people who rely solely on Amex, this may pose a problem.

And Rose adds: If feasible, make sure you or members in your party get gelato while in Palermo – It is truly the best that Italy has to offer!

The Magic is way out in the Atlantic now… the furthest it has been from land.

Disney Magic's Position May 17, 2007.jpg

I started the packing game tonight….we’ll see how it goes. The goal is to be 95% done by Sunday evening!

Life – IT too short!

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