It's a Small World
Magic Kingdom

3/19/05: it's a small world has reopened!

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Michelle Tracy - March 23, 2005

My family and I experienced the new and inproved "It's a Small World" attraction on March 23rd. I am very happy with the improvements. The queue area is brilliant. The details and white and gold decorations make you feel as if you are in a fantasy as soon as you step into the line. The new paint and additions to the attraction are stunning. I was enthralled. It was bright, cheery and beautiful.


Gail Slone - March 21, 2005

My family just got back from a week a Disney World. We were at Magic Kingdom on Friday and were very pleased to find that they had decided to allow the guests to ride It's A Small World as preview. It was great. My daughter loved it. It ended up being the highlight of the trip. We just happened to pass by and they opened the line and were one of the first one's on the ride. Everything was so beautiful. There was so much to see that we could not take it all in on the one ride. We are looking forward to our next trip, which should be in December, if all goes as planned.


Steven Zaretsky - March 21, 2005

My family was looking forward to seeing the update to 'It's a Small World.' My wife, Karen used to live in Southern California, and was used to the version of the attraction that's there. I saw the original when it was at the World's Fair in New York, back in 1964! We were very pleased to see the clock make an appearance in Central Florida. The redesign of the decor in the queue was very nicely executed. On the other hand, we didn't see any major differences during the ride itself. While it was obvious that many (all?) of the individual audio-animatronics figures had been replace with modern versions (the pliable rubber on the faces being the cue), the ride appeared to be little more than just cleaned. On the negative side, we did see several of the figures not moving the way that their neighbors were - something wrong with the mechanism. We also noticed one drummer without a drum! Other than that, our 3 1/2 year old didn't care -- she loved the ride.


Alicia - March 20, 2005

My DS4 has been waiting for so long to go on "his ride, Small World" that i thought I was going to go crazy from telling him it didn't open until March 20th. So, we were there in the Magic Kingdom on the appointed day, got in the larger/wider line, and looked in awe at the cool new clock tower. We are still wondering if the large doors on the front open and close like the side doors... Anyway, I wanted to make everyone aware of the little surfer man wearing the yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet - I think Disney did a cool job updating the ride! We will go again and see what else we can find that is new.


Chris White - March 19, 2005

My husband and I rode It's A SmalL World on Saturday March 19th, in the evening. The entire ride was run by Cast Members from Hong Kong, which made it very interesting! There was one, very excited Cast Member who waved with both hands, blew kisses, danced, and non-stop smiled at everyone as you boarded the boat. For those of us who go to Disney often, it was funny to watch, she definitely loved her job! They all seemed quite happy to be at Disney World. The ride itself reflected much-needed improvement. The que area was redone and the wall that you look at as you wait to get on the ride was beautiful. Inside the ride, it was much brighter due to a complete paint job. You could also see new speakers hidden throughout the ride, which helped the sound quality immensly! There were a few parts of the ride not working in a few isolated areas. We also notice that the hot air balloon with the clowns on it (?) (last room before exit) seemed to be facing the wrong direction- we were looking at their backside. I don't know if that was intentional or a mistake! Overall, it seemed like a completely different ride from the previous only because of the paint. We were amazed at what color and new speakers could do!


Naomi Porter - March 2005

I've just seen the photo's of the newly updated 'it's a small world', and as a Disney Store UK castmember I have one thing to say - it's a shame they made it like Paris!! I have always enjoyed the fact that, although the two rides are based upon the same theme, there were substantial differences which made for two completely different experiences. So I would've hoped they could've come up with something completely new, but hey, thems the breaks! I look forward to seeing if the updated version at WDW is completely the same as DLP on my trip to WDW this summer!!