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Unfortunately, the Magic Kingdom discontinued the
Adventureland Challenge as of the Spring 2000.

The Adventureland Challenge is played several times a day in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. The first and last games are usually the shorter version. Check your MK Guidebook for times. There are usually 5 or 6 different start times each day. Meet at the Adventureland Challenge sign near the entrance to what used to be the Tiki Birds. The Game takes approximately 20 minutes and is a great way to have fun with your group (but you can also play it alone). To begin the game, a CM explains to you that the Golden Idol Treasure is missing. You will receive a map which has the first clue. Figure out what the clue says, go to that location and get the necessary information (this part is important!). You will pick up your next clue at this point. Be sure to write down all the information you are asked to obtain! After you receive all the clues, turn them over for a puzzle of where the Golden Idol is located. Search the location and be the first group to grab the Golden Idol and return it to the Starting Point and the CM. He/She will ask you for the information you were to obtain! To the winning team that finds the Golden Idol AND can answer all the questions correctly, goes an Adventureland Challenge Certificate and a prize. The prize could be free beverages, a pass to go to the front of any line, or other similar item. There is also a short version of the game. The CM will give you only one or two clues about where the Golden Idol is located and takes only about 5 minutes to play. The 4 of us (3 adults and 1 teen) played this 2/97 and had a tremendous amount of fun. I highly recommend it to everyone of all ages!


  • Don't be afraid to ask Cast Members for help.
  • Bring a pen with you (You will be required to write something down).
  • Don't let the Sheriff of Nottingham trick you 🙂


As you know, there are two versions of the game — the short version, and the long version. When we played, the cast member who ran the game told us that the first and last game of every day is the short version; all of the other games are the long version. I thought people might like to know this, so they can plan on playing their favorite "version." By the way, I played on 7/24/99, and loved it! I played the last game of the day, so it only took about five minutes, but I highly recommend it to anyone (especially if they want the ever-so-popular front-of-the-line pass)! (Kyle McComas, 7/99)

My family went to Walt Disney World 4/99. We were very much looking forward to playing it. The day we went to the Magic Kingdom to play we were very disappointed to find out that they only play it twice a week, at least at that time of year. Unfortunately we had missed the day. My daughter cried. She said it was one of the things she wanted to do the most. (She really wanted to win the front of the line pass.) Anyone I just thought I would write so you can warn others that it is not always played daily and that they should check at the beginning of the vacation. (Karen Robinson 4/99)

We play the Adventureland Challenge every day we go to the MK. We are experts at it by now and love the "jump to the front of the line" pass. When we were there in March, Space Mountain went off track for several hours. By the time it came up the line reached PAST Alien Encounter (I think they were "stacking" the line until it came back on line). We just walked right by everyone to the CM outside SM and she took us down the "employee only" lane to the CM inside SM, who chained off the line of people and took us to the CM loading the vehicles and we were put right in. My cousin (who had never been with us before) loved it–she said it really made her feel special. (Lou Ann, 8/98)

I loved the Adventureland Challenge. When we played (me,15, my brother, 17) we won like 4 times out of the 6 times we played, and boy i cant wait to go back and whoop again! I really love this game, I recommend it to anyone! The only thing is you look really weird when you are running in the park and everyone looks at you like you are weird! But then again me and my brother get that all the time and we love it!! Play it next time you are there! Sully 1/98

"I did want to tell you we played the Adventureland Challenge twice. The first time on Saturday, our first day at the MK, it was the full-blown version where you run back and forth and pick up the cards and have to answer the question, and find the statue. They took all us 'losers' on a priority seating at Jungle Cruise (as long as we all held up our forefinger and thumb in the shape of an 'L' to show everyone we were losers!). The last day we were there I played 'solo' again. This time they only had one question on the map and all you had to do was find the statue (by the way, apparently a new statue since someone stole the old one). It was too simple, I found it is less than two minutes!!! It was fun and I've been highly recommending it to anyone who asks for something 'different' to do at the MK." (Ken, 10/97)

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