Is Disney Over- or Under-Theming?

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When Disney makes a change, whether it's to a hotel room design, new attraction, or re-imagineering an existing attraction or restaurant fans and guests feel one of two ways: "it's over-themed" or "where did the theme go?" We take a look at whether Disney is overdoing it or under-theming its parks and resorts.

Disney Pic of the Week – All-Star Resorts

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Family-friendly, enjoyable for solo travelers, and kitschy fun for friends, the various All-Star Resorts at Walt Disney World are considered value resorts given they’re priced lower than the rest of the on-property accommodations. Themed from top to bottom, inside and out with ginormous character icons, toys, athletic gear, musical instruments, and more, All-Star Resorts are … Continue reading "Disney Pic of the Week – All-Star Resorts"
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