Disneyland Paris – Discoveryland — Part 2 — Orbitron and Videopolis

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One of the first attractions you see when entering Discoveryland is “Orbitron – Machines Volantes” (Flying Machines). This is a simple, yet visually appealing attraction. Twelve 2-passenger rocket ships circle a stylized orrery. (An orrery is a mechanical apparatus that displays the relative positions and motions of the moon and the planets as they orbit … Continue reading "Disneyland Paris – Discoveryland — Part 2 — Orbitron and Videopolis"

Hong Kong Tomorrowland & Disney on Parade

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The last land I will be talking about at Hong Kong Disneyland is Tomorrowland. Like Fantasyland, it feels small compared to other parks. The first attraction I’ll be discussing it Orbitron. This is your typical, hub and spoke space ride. What sets this attraction apart from its cousins in other Disney parks is that you … Continue reading "Hong Kong Tomorrowland & Disney on Parade"
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