It’s Disney Theme Parks Quiz Time — Answers

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Here are the answers to yesterday’s quiz. I hope you got them all right. This first picture was taken at Hong Kong Disneyland. This fountain is outside of the park in a “crossroads” location. Guests arriving by bus, train, and walking from the hotels meet at this location before entering Hong Kong Disneyland. Long term … Continue reading "It’s Disney Theme Parks Quiz Time — Answers"

Chester & Hester Meet & Greet

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A new, or should I say old, service station has been built at Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama. Once a spot for motorist to fill up their gas tanks and have their cars serviced, this structure now houses a Meet & Greet opportunity in front of a giant “Greetings from Dinoland USA” postcard. Here, guests can … Continue reading "Chester & Hester Meet & Greet"

Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama

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When Disney announced and built Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama, I was annoyed. I realized that the Animal Kingdom desperately needed more rides and attractions, but I felt that the bean-counters tried to remedy this situation by the cheapest means possible. They bought “off-the-shelf” rides and had the Imagineers spruce them up the best they could. … Continue reading "Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama"