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Reviewed by Operagirl Review Date: 02/25/2017

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My husband, two sons (16, 11) and I went on the Star Wars Guided Tour. My youngest son is a huge SW fan! The tour started with getting our ID badges which had our names in a SW language and identified us as being from Hoth. We also chose our dinner orders. Then we saw a brief film which was a 10 minute run through of SW 1-7 films. It was a fun movie. We went by a special entrance to Star Tours, which was a lot of fun and made us feel like VIPs. The tour guide introduced us to her fiancé who was running the ride. They met working on Star Tours which was cute! We did not get to see the stage show because it was rained out, so they took us on a VIP trip to Toy Story Midway Mania. The ride was fun but had nothing to do with Star Wars. We also did the Jedi Training Academy, and younger kids (4-12) could participate. While those kids trained the rest of us went on the Great Movie Ride. This ride is kind of boring and had nothing to do with SW except for some hidden droids the guide pointed out in the Indiana Jones scene. It was pouring rain by this point, so we ate a snack sitting on the floor of a room in the Launch Bay. Then we went to dinner at Backlot Express. The food was not great and there were very few healthy options. At this point it had stopped raining so my family left the tour to see the 5:30 stage show and to do souvenir shopping. We rejoined the tour in the launch bay, where we saw a brief film about making Rogue One, met Chewbacca and Kylo Ren, got "harrassed" by stormtroopers and ended up at the dessert party. The desserts were fun, there were free cocktails, and props from the films. Then we had a great view of the fireworks but it started absolutely pouring again. It was one of the best fireworks shows we have ever seen! Overall, the guides were great and the VIP access was fun, but it didn't seem like there was enough to do for a seven hour tour. Make sure you have other souvenir shopping time, because there isn't any built in to the tour. I think if we go again I would probably do the dessert party and Fast Pass Star Tours rather than do this tour again.


Guides, VIP access to rides


Too much non-Star Wars activity, too long, rain was a huge bummer
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