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Reviewed by Logan7 Review Date: 01/20/2014

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Took the Xcaret excursion, it was lots of fun. Cross between Animal Kingdom and a zoo with a mexican flair. Boat ride to the mainland, then a 45 minute bus ride to the park. Lunch credit was included, but we ended up eating at the restaurant looking out over the ocean... good food, fair service. Authentic mexican. We did do the underground river float, take a wetsuit or extra layers of clothes... the water is COLD!!!!!! The river was a blast.
Just walking around was fun, but the time was short due to the travel time. We walked thru the plaza at Playa del Carmen, but could not stop due to time constraints. As it was, we got back to the ship only a few minutes late.... there were still several hundred people along with us in line to board, so don't worry too much. As long as you're on a DCL excursion, they won't leave you. Would enjoy going back, but really need the whole day to enjoy it.
My wife is wheelchair bound, and it was a challenge to get her WC around the park. A scooter might work better.


Great trip


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Reviewed by wdwfan6 Review Date: 10/23/2013

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Our tour guide was nice and informative, but there was very little to the ruins. I expected more. Most of the kids that were there were screeching and chasing (or throwing rocks) at the animals, which the parents were intentionally oblivious. We went to Playa, and although it was nice, we only had 90 minutes, so by the time you swam, it was time to get back on the bus. The stores in Cozumel have people hassling you as you are walking back to the boat. Think I am done with the Western Caribbean after one visit.

Falmouth Jamaica was much worse!


Ruins Were Interesting


Too short a time at beach, not much for ruins
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