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Sigrid and Christmas Gnome Julenissen – Norway

Christmas is a festive time in the "Land of the Midnight Sun". On Christmas Eve, farm animals are traditionally treated to the finest oats and barley.

An elf-like gnome named Julenissen lives in woods and barns across the countryside. He is the guardian of every family's welfare, so children leave a bowl of porridge in the hayloft during the holidays to thank him.

Enjoy Sigrid as she too, learns the magic of Julenissen and believes!

Sigrid and Julenissen
Sigrid and Julenissen Sigrid and Julenissen

Taarji – Morocco

Two major holidays of Morocco are Eid-al-fitr and Eid al-Adha. One of Morocco's holiest celebrations is the month of Ramadan. The people also celebrate Ashura. Learn about the traditions and who knows.. you may end up in the show 🙂

Taarjil from Morocco