ROOM TOUR: Check Out Our Verandah Stateroom on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship!

A Disney Cruise Line vacation is VERY different than a Disney parks vacation — you may actually get to relax!

Disney Magic

Recently we got to travel on the Disney Magic to check out Disney’s new island destination, Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, and we got to stay in a BEAUTIFUL verandah stateroom. We’re missing it already, so let us take you on a tour of our beautiful room!

When you enter the room and turn around, you’ll find the safety placard on the back of the door, which is incredibly important to read through.

The door

Continuing with the actual tour though, this is your view from the door!

Facing into the rest of the room

Starting to the left first, we have the commode room.

Commode Room

Next to the commode room, also on the left, you’ll find the shower room.

Commode room on the left, Shower room on the right!

The shower was pretty big, which we were excited about!

The shower!

You’ll also find some shower products, so don’t panic if you forgot yours.

Shower products

There’s also plenty of mirrors, towels, and even a makeup towel on the sink!

The sink in the shower room

We loved the complimentary lotion too!

So fun!

Oh look! It’s Emma, saying hey! (Let’s all say thank you to Emma for taking these wonderful photos — thank you, Emma!)

Emma says hey!

You’ll also find four large body towels in here as well, and you can ask for more if you need to.

Extra towels!

If you turn to the right when you enter into the room, you’ll find the closet.

The closet!

The life jackets are located at the very top — very important to know where these are!

Life jackets are very important!

You’ll also find the safe to keep any of your valuables, as well as the laundry bag if you’d like any laundry service to be done.


Immediately to the left of the closet, you’ll find a great photo of Walt and Lillian Disney, as well as some cups to use for water.

Cute photo!

The drawers underneath can also be used to store whatever you’d like.


Time to face into the rest of the room! (Don’t miss that full length mirror to the left!)

The rest of the room!

On the left side of the bed, you’ll find the phone that allows you to call down to request anything you may need.


On either side of the bed, you’ll find these world map lamps that has the Disney Cruise Line ships on it — we love the detail!

Adorable lamp!

Speaking of detail, the blue stripe on the pillows and the blue headboard matches…


…the comforter, which we love!

We love the comforter!

On the right side of the bed, you’ll find some outlets!


Now stay with us — imagine you’re sitting on the bed and looking directly across from you. Here you’ll find another cabinet you can use for storage.

More drawer space across from the bed!

Above it, you’ll find this…interesting abstract art that you either will love or it’ll give you nightmares. (It’s giving me nightmares.)

More artwork

Spinning around, we’re moving into the couch section of the room. This couch also pulls out into another bed, which is great if you’ve got 4 guests in here, or two people who just want their own beds.


Above the pullout bed, you’ll find some more artwork, which is the sheet music for “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.”

More artwork we love!

And that takes us to the verandah, which is at the far back of the room!


Emma even demonstrated how the verandah can be used!

Emma on the verandah!

Coming back into the room, you’ll find the desk across from the couch (to the left of the verandah doors if you’re facing into the rest of the room).

Coming back in the room!

There’s another mirror here someone can use to get ready!

More mirrors

And you can find some fun goodies in the desk drawer.

Desk drawer

The TV is to the right side of the desk.

The TV

Above the TV you’ll find…more storage!

Above the TV

And below the TV you’ll find the mini fridge.

Underneath the TV

It’s cleverly hidden, but it’s there!

The fridge

And that’s it! Cruise staterooms are much smaller than some hotel rooms due to how many are put on the ship, but we loved it! Now, the more people you have in here, the more crowded it’ll feel, but with just 1-2 people you’ll have plenty of space.

It’s not the biggest room, but it was home!

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