Target Just Released a NEW Disney Muppets Collection Online

If you’ve recently caught a case of ‘Muppet Fever’, then prepare for it to get worse because we just spotted this brand new Muppet Collection that we don’t just want, we NEED!

Kermit and Miss Piggy ©Disney

Listen, there’s no shame — most of us here are also Muppets fanatics and we’ve tossed around the idea of a possible support group (Hi my name is Angie and I sing “Man or Muppet” 30 times a day and can’t seem to stop). The joy the Muppets give is undeniable and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for brand new Muppet merch and we found possibly the cutest collection at Target!

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Since their appearance on small screens in 1955, the Muppets have remained beloved icons for years, with new movies, merchandise, and music still produced to this day. On top of entertaining audiences with their antics on screen, they also have their own dedicated attraction over at Hollywood Studios in Disney World: Muppet Vision 3D (a cinematic masterpiece and you can’t change our minds).

Muppet-Vision 3D

And now Target seems to be giving the Muppets their much-deserved time in the spotlight because they just released this new collection of Muppet Squishmallows that are so ADORABLE we might have to get them all!

We are obsessed with this Animal Squishmallow!



Who thought that Animal would make the cutest Squishmallow? Well, honestly we did, and we’re glad Target thought so too. This adorable plush is convenient to take with you on any Muppet adventure.

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This Fozzie Squishmallow is almost un-bear-ably cute!


Looking at Fozzie’s big smile makes us smile! The details of his little brown hat and polka dot scarf are everything we could have ever wanted for a cuddly plush designed after our favorite muppet comedian.

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And although it doesn’t come with a glorious three-hour finale, this Sam the Eagle Sqishmallow is worthy of fireworks!


Seriously, how cute is he?! Sam is looking regal in his little Squishmallow form and we love the addition of his iconic scruffy brow.

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A great addition to any muppet collection! We can’t wait to get our hands on these. Stay tuned as we give you the latest Disney merch drops and news here on AllEars.


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