An ESSENTIAL Part of Disney World’s Haunted Mansion Has Returned

What’s your favorite part of Disney World’s Haunted Mansion? Maybe you love it when the Ghost Host says “Welcome, Foolish Mortals.” Or maybe the stretching room always blows your mind (is this haunted room actually stretching?).

Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion

Maybe you just love taking a ride on a Doom Buggy or seeing the fun effects in the ballroom. However, if your favorite part is the floating candelabra in the Endless Hallway, you might have been disappointed recently: that effect has been gone since January. Well, we’ve got some good news.

We visited the 999 Happy Haunts at the Haunted Mansion today and discovered that the floating candelabra is back. Yes, the special effect that makes the candelabra float in the darkness has returned after five months of being gone (and believe us, we checked almost EVERY day).

It’s back!

We’re not sure why the floating candelabra disappeared for so long, but it seemed to have disappeared shortly after Hatbox Ghost was added to the ride. Did he have something to do with it? He’s certainly up to no good, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s to blame. (Seriously, though, Disney did not reveal why the effect had been turned off for so long.)

Hatbox Ghost

More than likely, the floating candelabra was having some kind of technical problem that required Imagineers to fix it. That does happen from time to time, although most of the effects in the Haunted Mansion are pretty low-tech (and one, in particular, is created by using a 162-year-old illusion technique).

Haunted Mansion Ballroom Scene ©Disney

If you haven’t been to Haunted Mansion recently, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for a small Candle Man that was added to the ride, although you’ll need really good eyesight to see him. Candle Man was originally a part of the concept for Disney’s “Museum of the Weird,” which was originally supposed to be at the entrance of Haunted Mansion.

See that figure? It’s the Candleman!

So if you plan on visiting the Haunted Mansion, it looks like everything is back to normal, or at least as normal as things can get inside a wacky haunted house.

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Are you happy to see this effect back in the Haunted Mansion? Let us know in the comments!

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