3 Ways It Just Got Easier To Fly to Disney World

Say it with us now: flying is (we’ll give you a second) STRESSFUL.

Orlando Airport

Some airline rules change depending on who you’re flying with; if you’ve got a connection, you have to hope your first flight doesn’t get delayed or canceled. Once you’re in the air, you have to just hope you didn’t leave anything behind. We have good news, though — flying to Disney World is getting EASIER in a few different ways!

Flexible Payment Options

Southwest Airlines recently announced that Rapid Rewards Members (Rapid Rewards is the airline’s free rewards program) will now have the opportunity to pay for their flights with a combination of their Rapid Reward points AND cash!


Previously, your points had to cover the entirety of the flight ticket, so if you didn’t have enough, you’d have to buy more points in order to use yours OR use a credit card (a.k.a. “cash”). Now, these offerings are being combined, so you could use 10,000 points and pay cash for the rest.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest has also just introduced a system that allows you to use Rapid Rewards points, or a combination of points and cash, to pay for hotel reservations! This may be a helpful new way to make travel a little more accessible and save a little money here and there.

SO Many Sales From Budget Airlines

There are tons of budget or low-cost airlines out there — Spirit, Frontier, Breeze Airways, Southwest, and more. This means that they’re all in competition with each other to keep their prices low. This also means that you’ll often see at least ONE of these airlines offer a low-cost ticket sale.


It really doesn’t matter what season it is — many of these airlines will find an excuse to run a sale. Which works great for you as the consumer, because it means you can save on your trip as long as you have it planned at least a few months in advance OR can do it on the fly. Get it?

This popular budget airline is giving away FREE roundtrip flights!

Nonstop Flights Added to Orlando Airport

Nonstop flights are much less stressful than having to worry about making a connection when flying to Disney World, which is why it’s fantastic that so many nonstop flights continue to be added to Orlando Airport!

©Joe Cavaretta, Sun Sentinel | Getty Images via CNBC

Many of these flights are from budget airlines, too, flying passengers in from cities around the nation. This means, again, it’s more budget-friendly for folks all around the United States. New routes mean more options and more options mean (hopefully) spending less money!

See what 6 new nonstop flights were added to Orlando Airport in April!

Be sure to plan your travel well in advance when booking this year to ensure you can get the dates and times you’re wishing for, and stay tuned to AllEars for the latest travel news!

Southwest’s controversial seating policy could be changing soon!

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