Seriously. Why Has No One Fixed This Incredibly Annoying Disney World Transportation Problem Yet?!

Let’s face it, navigating Disney World can be tricky, especially when it comes to transportation.

When should you avoid the Skyliner?

You’ve got your plethora of options on how you’ll get around the property like the Disney Skyliner, the buses, monorail, and boats. But there’s one issue that seems so simple to fix, yet frustratingly it still plagues all of us park-goers to this day! Let’s talk about it!

What’s the problem that continues to plague us today? We’re talking about the lack of real-time information on when the Disney Springs boats or the Skyliner is down!

All aboard

The Problem

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a wonderful evening at Disney Springs, indulging in food and shopping. Now you’re strolling out of the Springs with a whistle on your lips, ready to catch the boat back to your hotel. But then you see the dreaded sign: “Boats Currently Unavailable.” Ugh. Now you’re stuck with a long trek across the entire Springs just to find the bus stop.

Springs Boat Dock

The same story goes for the Skyliner at Epcot. Imagine you’re leaving EPCOT after spending hours skipping around the World Showcase and chowing down on your favorite treats. You’re ready to hop on a gondola and glide back to the resort via the Skyliner, only to discover it’s closed. Again, you’ve got to hoof it all the way back to the bus stop!

Skyliner in EPCOT

A Simple Solution

Why hasn’t Disney fixed this yet? With all the technology at their fingertips, this seems like such an easy problem to solve. Disney already has the My Disney Experience app (MDE), which has so much information about park hours, wait times, dining reservations, and more.


Why not add a feature that provides real-time updates on transportation options? How about a green checkmark for “go” or a red “X” for “no-go”? That would be a game-changer.

What We Need

If a green checkmark and red x are too much, how about adding these features to the app instead:

  • Real-Time Transportation Updates: The My Disney Experience app should include a section dedicated to transportation. Here, guests could check the status of the Disney Springs boats, the EPCOT Skyliner, and other transportation options. If something is closed or delayed, guests would know immediately.
  • Alternative Transportation Suggestions: If your preferred transportation option is down, the app could suggest the next best route. For example, if the boats at Disney Springs are closed, the app could suggest the nearest bus stop and provide walking directions.
  • Push Notifications: Also, guests could have the option to opt-in to receive push notifications about transportation changes. If you’re dining at Disney Springs and the boats shut down, you’d get an alert before finishing your meal, which would give you time to plan accordingly.
Disney Springs boat

Why It Matters

If Disney could add features like these to the MDE app, that would significantly enhance our overall experience. Eliminating the guesswork and extra walking when transportation options are unavailable would save a ton of time and reduce a lot of stress.

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How often do you use the transport options available to you at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Seriously. Why Has No One Fixed This Incredibly Annoying Disney World Transportation Problem Yet?!”

  1. I haven’t experienced this (after all, I go to WDW like once every 6 years or something) but I can totally see what you mean. That is surprising that it hasn’t been sorted – after all, lots of cities in Europe (maybe other places) have live transportation updates via boards, apps and even SMS so the technology is there!

  2. That is so true! It has happened to me and my family numerous times. Thanks for raising this issue. Now over to Disney.

  3. I have experienced this problem several times and it can be a real situation after a long day. Please someone fix it.

  4. I know that when you are staying at a skyliner resort that in the app you can see your transportation options. It will tell you when the next bus is coming and the like. We have used it at Epcot to check if the skyliner was available from Pop Century or if buses were available and extrapolated from that.