We’re Getting Really Concerned About This MISSING Disney World Hotel Perk

Disney hotel guests are up-in-arms about a long-term perk that’s STILL MISSING. 

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Since Disney opened up their first hotels — the Contemporary and the Polynesian — with Walt Disney World, the company has long-promoted the perks to staying on-property. However, one of these longtime perks disappeared with the pandemic and has yet to return despite demand. 

For decades, those staying at an on-site Walt Disney World hotel had the option of having anything they bought in the park either delivered to the front of the park so they could pick it up on their way out, or their packages could even be sent directly from the park or Disney Springs to their hotel room. The perk was a massive one for Disney visitors, especially those who bought lots of souvenirs or large collectibles. 

Updated Pricing

Unfortunately, like many Disney perks, package pickup was nowhere to be found when Disney World reopened following its pandemic closure. However, unlike many of those other perks that have come back over time, package pickup has yet to return. 

There’s no clear answer why package pickup has yet to return, but there are a lot of guests who want it back. This is clearly evidenced by the amount of times questions about their return have been asked on the official PlanDisney Q&A page. 

World of Disney in Disney Springs

One of the most recent answers on the page reads in part, “At this time, there has not been an announcement about the return of package delivery from shops at the theme parks to the Disney Resorts Collection Hotels.” From there, most of the answers go on to offer further advice to guests on how to deal with packages, including storing their purchases in rented lockers. 

You can rent a locker at Magic Kingdom

Similar verbiage has been used for all answers over the last several years, which frankly leaves us a bit concerned that the popular package pickup perk might never be returning to Disney World. Stay tuned to AllEars for more Disney World updates. 

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Did you ever take advantage of the package pickup perk? Do you wish it would return? Let us know in the comments below. 

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4 Replies to “We’re Getting Really Concerned About This MISSING Disney World Hotel Perk”

  1. This is the top perk that I feel needs returned. It’s as if they don’t want our money, can’t understand it. They must be missing out on many purchases.

  2. Used it and loved it!! They have taken soooo many perks from resort guests but package pick and delivery is most definitely one of the big ones I want back badly!

  3. This is the perk I miss the most, even more than Disney Express!!

    Package delivery to the resorts made it so much easier in the parks not having to carry around purchases. It was also exciting to pick up the resort deliveries. It was like having the excitement of getting them again!!

  4. I wish Disney would bring back the package resort delivery. I don’t spend anywhere near the amount on merchandise as I did before when resort delivery was offered. I don’t want to be walking around carrying things. They must be losing out on so much money that they could be making if they bring it back.