“I’m Over It!” – Disney Adults Reveal the WORST Park Trends

What do we think about trends? (Especially trends at Disney World)

SO dapper

Some trends are pretty innocent, like getting a latte from Starbucks for that shot in front of Cinderella Castle for the ‘gram, or dressing up in your most dapper of outfits. But sometimes we come across some truly annoying park trends, and we just had to ask for your thoughts on the matter.

We reached out to our followers on Facebook to ask: “What Disney World park trends push your buttons?” We had quite a few people leave their opinions in the comments!

What do you think?

Now, let’s go over your top responses! (Not necessarily in any particular order.)

Universal Merchandise

Now, you weren’t talking about the Universal Orlando Resort. No, you meant universal as in the same merchandise being available everywhere at Disney World. We totally get this. The times when there was truly unique merchandise that was only available at one particular shop is largely gone. It’s much more of the same mass-produced merch at each location.

Disney Souvenirs

You said as much in your responses like:

  • “I shouldn’t be able to buy an EPCOT shirt in Animal Kingdom.”
  • “The shift to universal (small u) merchandise. Used to have unique stuff in every gift shop… now it’s the same basic stuff with a few extras… but you can get all of it at WoD… kinda takes the fun out of it (though it does save me a lot of money 🤣)”
Disney Merch

There is something to be said for being able to save a buck, but we definitely prefer the unique merch to mass-produced merch repeated again and again at every spot. Again, there’s so much to see and so much to do. (Disney, if you’re listening, take note!)

Resorts not having resort-specific foods in their food courts

Kind of in the same vein as the previous one, this trend of having the same food available at the various resort food courts definitely removes the uniqueness.

Everything Pop Food Court

You’ve got exactly the right idea with these responses:

  • “That all the food courts at the resorts now have the same food. I used to love the resort-exclusive foods.”
Landscape of Flavors Food Court

To be fair, there are some unique and exquisite restaurants at the resorts, however, you had it right when you mentioned this one. Disney could continue the immersion and creativity of the eats in their respective food courts. We’d definitely be happier for it!


Now this one may burst your bubble (totally unplanned pun). We get that your kids love their bubble wands, but let’s just say that they can be a wee bit of a nuisance, too.

Bubble Wands

You absolutely have some strong views about this:

  • “Bubble wands. I DESPISE bubble wands.”
  • “Bubbles…For anyone who wears glasses or has terrible skin allergies, they’re a nightmare.”
Mickey Bubble Wand

Now, hang on. We know they are innocent fun, and we’ve all smiled giddily when thinking about the enjoyment we’ve gotten with bubbles. So, just know that we’re not anti-bubbles. We just think that they could be used a bit more responsibly because we can all remember the pain of getting a mouthful of bubbles when we least expected it.

She wanted the… What shirts?

This one comes with a trigger warning. As of late, there has been a rather crude trend of people wearing shirts like the ones below.


You all had VERY strong feelings about this:

  • “And those disgusting “She wanted the D” shirts”
  • “I think they are appalling and I do not understand why they are permitted in the parks. So gross.”

No one has any issue with you having a witty pun on your shirt or your favorite character on it. Where the line needs to be drawn is when it is incredibly crude at a place for children and families. We’re with you in saying this is a trend that can immediately go away.

Stopping in the Middle of the Walkway

I know we started by saying that this list was in no particular order. Well, let’s just say that this particular trend was BY FAR the most triggering one for you and we’re right with you! It just never makes any sense to us why you’d stop, typically with your whole crew in the dead center of the walkway.

Fantasyland crowds

You said as much, too:

  • “Large groups of people stopping slap bang in the middle of the walkway to discuss whatever — move to the side please.”
  • “People that either walk 5 wide (slowly) or the groups that randomly stop in the middle of the walkway.”
  • “People stopping dead center of a path or walk area to talk and review maps as if there are no other people in the area waking behind or in front of them. Move to the side!”
Look out for CROWDS!

Just a little bit of spatial awareness can indeed go a long way, especially in places that can get crowded like Disney World.

Those were just some of your thoughts on the park trends that really pushed your buttons. Until then, as always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

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What park trends really push your buttons? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. I think the need to be constantly on your phone to plan your vacation is annoying. I missed the days when you went on vacation to relax, not to have to plan every second of your day.