Help! Disney World Took Away This Bougie Experience and Won’t Bring It Back

The Disney World that closed during the pandemic is different than the Disney World that reopened later. 

Garden View Tea Room

Over the years since, we’ve seen re-openings in the hotels, rides, and restaurants, but there are still experiences missing. There’s one in particular that made us feel oh-so-bougie, and we want to know if it will ever come back!

If you didn’t know, once upon a time, at the Grand Floridian there was an elegant tea service. Sadly, it closed down during the pandemic and it hasn’t reopened ever since ( and we miss it dearly). We’re talking about the Afternoon Tea at Grand Floridian’s Garden View Tea Room.

Garden View Tea Room

As we said, this location was formerly a place where you could get afternoon tea with scones and pastries, and boy was it in high demand back in the day.

Garden View Tea Room

The sevice it was most known for was the Afternoon Tea. It was an elegant experience in the grand British style. Packages ranged from a classical platter of finger sandwiches and scones to a smorgasbord of caviar and champagne, all served with your choice of tea.

Finger Sandwiches

The young ones could even indulge in Mrs. Potts’s special Dark Tea, which looked and tasted like chocolate milk. 

Classic Scones from Garden View Tea Room 2020

The experience had us living out our Bridgerton dreams for an afternoon, eating light snacks and sipping tea.

Garden View Tea Room

Currently, the Garden View Tea Room sits dormant, and no updates have been shared about this spot, either, which is such a shame. Disney World truly needs an elegant tea service again!

Tea Time at the Garden View Lounge

We’re surprised that there are things STILL closed in Disney World! We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop on all the latest Disney World news!

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Did you ever get to enjoy the tea service in the Garden View Tea Room? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Help! Disney World Took Away This Bougie Experience and Won’t Bring It Back”

  1. This was a MUST do on each visit for me and my family. I once did it twice in the same visit because it was such a great experience, albeit the second time I went solo. Without a reservation, and they accommodated me beautifully. What a loss. If the plan is to only do tea at the cake shop on the Boardwalk, we will have lost the special experience only the Garden Tea Room at GF can give. I have been doing tea at GF since they brought the box of teas to each table and let you decide the one you wanted.

  2. The tea experience in England in Epcot was amazing. It taught you about brewing times and served traditional accompaniments. It’s one of many little experiences they have never brought back which were really special experiences.

  3. I keep hoping they will bring this back. It was in such high demand, so didn’t they make a nice profit? Plus, they had the very high-dollar Perfectly Princess Tea Party. The space is going to waste now. Please, Disney, bring back this wonderful Bougie experience!