Disney’s Newest Snack Souvenir Just Dropped ONLINE!

It’s March! Do you know what that means?

Hey, 626!

Well, it could mean a lot of things. However, right now it means that this month’s NEW Stitch Attacks Snacks collection has officially been released. So far, we’ve seen our alien pal attack Mickey Pretzels and Popcorn, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Lucky for us, we don’t need to wait for long! We got our first glimpse at this month’s collection, and we are obsessed. Are you ready to see what stitch is attacking this month? Well, let’s take a look at this Stitch plush!

©Disney Store

Stitch is attacking MACARONS! He looks so happy with his little cookie, and we could never take that away from him.  The macaron even matches him and Angel, we wonder if he chose that one on purpose… hmmmm 🤔.

Check it out on Disney Store!

Just like the last two releases for this collection, we have a pin set!

©Disney Store

Of course, this set also features Angel! It looks like both of them are enjoying their macarons, and we are so glad that they are. This set also comes with a macaron pin that matches the one the Stitch plush was holding!

Check it out on Disney Store!

In case you missed it, the “Stitch Attacks Snacks” collection releases new merchandise each month featuring Stitch with a new snack of choice. These collections come with an array of different merchandise to celebrate the snack of the month. The collections can be found both in the Disney parks and online!

Stitch is also wondering how this works!

We’re obsessed with this collection, and can’t wait to see what snacks we see Stitch attack in the coming months. This collection is just getting started, so keep checking in with us at AllEars to see what they release next month!

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