No, Thank You. We’ll Drive. One Airline Just Found a RAT on Its Plane, and the Internet Is Terrified

To put it lightly, air travel has been a mess recently.

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Southwest announced its new airplane design, and the Internet proceeded to tear it to shreds; a DOOR flew off a plane during an Alaska Airlines flight, and…guess what? THERE’S MORE NOW.

According to The Independent, a SriLankan Airlines plane was grounded in Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo recently after a rat was spotted onboard the plane mid-flight.

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The plane was traveling from Lahore, Pakistan, to the Sri Lankan capital, and this stowaway rodent reportedly caused a multi-day inspection that resulted in flight delays as officials searched for damage.

©SriLankan Airlines

So, a rat on board is gross, yes, but why is it such a huge deal? Well, rats are small and can squeeze into small spaces…where wires are located…wires that make the plane work. So yes, finding a rat on a plane is a massive issue and meant the plane was sprayed with a chemical to kill the rat, and then grounded for one day to follow international standards, per The Independent.

©SriLankan Airlines

The airline released a statement apologizing to its customers. As you can probably expect, the internet had a LOT to say about the incident. New fear unlocked, anyone?

We’re always here to update you on the latest travel news to prepare for your next flight, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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