8 Disney World Products on Amazon That Are SUPER Useful for 2024 Vacations

If you’re getting ready to head into Disney World for spring break, summer, or beyond, you’re likely already thinking about what to pack.

Happily Ever After

We’re in the same boat, and if you’re like us, there’s always something we end up forgetting and regretting that we don’t have it. Here are eight brilliant Disney vacation items you should have for your 2024 trip.

OK, so first, let’s talk about those free key cards you get when you stay at a Disney hotel. These double as your park tickets, so they’re pretty important — especially if you don’t own a MagicBand. If you’re looking for a safe, secure place to store your cards, check out this 3-pack of Mickey & Friends Lanyards!


These lanyards feature Mickey, Minnie, and the Fab Five (plus Pluto)! They’re a great size and can be worn comfortably around your neck.

Check it out!

If you find yourself struggling to take the perfect selfie, grab the OCTOBUDDY Silicone Suction Phone Case.


It can be especially helpful if you want to stick your phone to different surfaces to take a photo. Hey, you can even stick your phone on your car window if you want to film the Disney World entrance as you drive in. This phone attachment is SUPER strong and can be a real lifesaver for travelers hoping to take some SWEET photos.

Grab it here!

Looking for comfortable new shoes to walk around the parks? The HOKA ONE Women’s Walking Shoe Trainers are a great choice.


We love these, but we have also heard so many great reviews from our readers who love them, too.

Buy a pair!

Sunscreen is incredibly important in Disney World during ALL seasons of the year, but especially spring and summer. We really love this Hawaiian Tropic Mineral Powder Sunscreen Brush.


The brush makes it easy to apply to your face, so you know you’re getting full coverage!

Add it to your cart!

If you find yourself getting way too warm in the parks (it happens to us all), these Cooling Patches can save the day.


These are fantastic for helping to combat sunstroke and the symptoms that come with it, BUT it’s important that you’re resting while you use these! If you have one on but are still out in the sun, you’re just making it work harder.

Grab a pack here!

We take a lot of tech with us every time we go into Disney World, so we love this Multiple Devices Charging Station!


With one charger, you can power up your phone, AirPods, and Apple Watch!

Buy it now!

You know us; we love our fashion, which is why we can’t recommend the Disney Cinderella T-Shirt enough.

Isn’t it cute?

Cinderella is one of Disney’s most ICONIC films, and she’s one of the most iconic characters, so why not have a shirt representing such a well-known moment?

Add it to your wardrobe!

Looking for something simple yet fun? Grab the Classic Disney Mickey and Friends Shirt.



You can choose between six different colors, and each one will feature Mickey’s name and the mouse himself.

Buy it now!

As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest news and recommendations!

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